Thursday, August 9, 2018

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Irene tries out Hime cut


-Her visual covers up the hair style, though..

-Is she really a human??

-I'm dying to see Irene with short hair.. I think she'll look so freaking gorgeous with short hair..

-Her beautiful face distracts me I didn't even notice that she has a Hime cut..

-Whoa.. Look at how she manages to look beautiful with this hairstyle.. She's seriously on a whole different level..

-She looks beautiful with it, but I think she'll look so much better with another hairstyle..

-Crazy.. She's truly a Goddess..

-She looks beautiful no matter what she does..

-Princess will always be princess no matter what she does..

-She's so f*cking beautiful, it's driving me crazy..

-The second last gif got me a heart attack;;;

-I'm too busy admiring her beauty, I don't have time to notice her new hairstyle..

-She's so pretty.. I can't imagine how happy she feels whenever she looks in the mirror..