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Controversy of The Boyz's managers at the airport

No matter what, I don't think it's right for them to block the entrance like that

+) Edit: They were acting like that because of the sasaengs who found out about the unofficial schedules of the artist. But there was this non-celebrity who filmed a vlog there, they took her memory card and didn't give it back.


-I mean, they're sasaengs...

-They're blocking the sasaengs. What's wrong with it?

-She fell on her own, no one pushed herㅋㅋㅋㅋ

-So it is okay for the sasaengs to roam around the airport when they clearly harm the other customers?

-They should've just stopped following the artists when the managers did that far to stop them. It must be really tough for the managers.

-The manager barely touched her and yet she fell on her back. Am I watching a Hollywood action movie?

-Oh... The managers are really tall, they also seem to have great body proportions.

-Sasaengs are not human. Anyway, I don't think that woman fell because the manager pushed her...

-Sasaengs are stalkers. All they care about is their own greeds.

-Sasaengs are the wrong ones here, but I think the managers are using the wrong method...

-I hope the company that my bias is under would hire managers who do that far for the artists....

-I'm not supporting the sasaengs but I don't think that's the right method to face the sasaengs...

-Wow, that's a really huge camera;;;
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To those who often go to cafès, what do you think is the most important aspect for a cafè?

1. The taste
2. Aesthetic (For Instagram)
3. The vibes or auras
4. The location
5. Etc (Please explain!)

-The location and the restroom

-Electric socket + comfortable place + Wi-fi + The taste of their iced tea

-The price, the taste, and the vibes (I prefer quiet cafes)

-I like it when the employees don't bother their customers too much and when they have comfortable seats!

-The taste > The location > The aura

-The table!! I really hate it when the tables are lower than the seats...

-I think it's the taste and the aesthetic. I hate it when the place is so pretty that a lot of people come just to take picturesㅋㅋㅋ

-Electric sockets and the restroom

-The parking lot. No matter how great the place is, I wouldn't go if they don't have a nice parking lot

-I like cafes where I can stay for a really long time and doesn't have to feel embarrassed for it...?

-The wifi

-The seats and the vibes, I guess. I hate it when the place is too noisy.

-The restroom

-The vibes. There's this cafe that I often visit because the owner is really friendly!
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Does JYP Ent. have Art or Visual Director?

Look at the pictorials they did for the album
I personally think they don't have any Art or Visual Director


-They used to have one. But I don't think they work for JYP anymore now.....

-The girls look very beautiful but what's up with the backgrounds...

-It looks like they took the picture in a photo box...

-I'm not even expecting much from JYP at this rate... 

-Are they going with 'The Sims' concept this time...?

-Why are they doing this to Twice? When they're the one who earns the most in the company...

-It just looks like they told the girls to take some selfies and then they edited out the backgrounds...

-Is it that bad...? All I can think of is how beautiful the girls are...

-Where is the money that Twice has earned? What are they doing with that money?

-I bet Nayeon would throw off the album once it's released..

-Nope. There's no way they would release teasers like this if they had one.

-The girls' visuals are working really hard...

-I have the urge to help JYP selecting teasers for Twice's upcoming comeback...

-I'm sure they have one. It's just that the Director is lacking sense in art.
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The two top female idols who used to get hate for their looks during their early debut days, but not anymore now

-Umji looks very gorgeousㅠㅠ So does Jihyoㅠㅠ

-I didn't even know Jihyo used to get hate for her looks. She looks the prettiest in my eyes.

-Jihyo has always looked gorgeous ever since she was a baby, though?

-Jihyo's facial expression on stage is literally a form of art. I'm a woman and yet I'm in love with her, especially the last gif.

-What do you mean? I started to stan Jihyo because of her beautyㅠㅠ

-Why would someone hate on Jihyo...

-Umji has always looked the most outstanding in her group to me...

-Both are my biases from their groups!

-And Hyoyeon. They're all very beautiful, I don't know why people would hate on these girls...

-Umji has always looked adorable ever since her early debut days, thoughㅠㅠ

-I've always thought Umji is beautiful ever since her early debut days...

-Umji lost the baby fat she had on her cheeks, she gets prettier as the time passes by!

-I seriously don't understand why would people hate on them for their looks. I personally think both of them are very gorgeous...

-I think Umji is the visual member in GFriend. She's really gorgeous.
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Female idols who become the muse of department store beauty brands

HERA - Jennie


Estee Lauder - Sulli

DIOR Beauty - Sunmi

Shu Uemura - Son Naeun

Yves St. Laurent - Hyuna

Clinique - Chungha

(go to the original link for more pics)

-Suzy looks gorgeous...

-I love Jennie so much...

-Suzy is gorgeous. She suits any brands that she's promoting for...

-Oh, they all suit the brands they're promoting for...

-Sulli looks amazing there...

-I expected to see Taeyeon and Banilla Co here...ㅋㅋㅋ

-Chungha suited Shiseido really well, thoughㅠㅠ But she suits Clinique as well!

-I wonder what kind of lip product is Suzy using in those pictures... I want to have the same thing...

-They all look beautiful but I just want to correct that Clinique is not a make up brand...

-Son Naeun reminds me of that model of 3CE...

-I think Chungha would've suited Stilla really well, she's The Goddess of Glitter...

-Suzy looks really elegant in those pictures...

-I think Son Naeun and Chungha could swap brands...ㅎㅎㅎ

-I thought Suzy was the face of The Face Shop...?

-I thought Chungha also works for Shu Uemura...?

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The kid who I bullied at school becomes a superstar

He talked stories about during school days with BTS' V
He said, "I wasn't friend with him. It's like a food chain relationship"
"I was the lion and he was the bunny"

Viewer: 'Whoa, you were friend with him?"

I was not friend with that bastard, okay? I may be a little bit jealous of him, but we weren't friend. Let me explain what our relationship was. It was a food chain relationship. I was the lion and he was the bunny, it's just like a food chain relationship. Don't ever refer me at his friend. Damn, I should've been a trainee as well. If only I was a trainee and trained so hard as if my life depended on it, I probably would've been even more famous than that bastard. Which too bad, I didn't, and start up Afreeca TV instead, in which I got a lot of hate on. It aches my heart a lot. 

BTS is popular these days? Taehyung got some career right there, right?

And then, that bunny becomes a worldstar

Later, that BJ apologizes. He claims that it was just a joke and he didn't expect it to become that big.

-I can't believe he actually said that really proudly. Judging by how his personality is right now, you can totally tell what kind of a kid he was back then.

-I'm feeling the secondhand embarrassment coming up...

-What a trash...

-Taehyung seems to be a very pure and kind guy. He has a clean past.

-I hope he gets sued for spreading false rumors...

-I bet V doesn't even remember going to the same school with this bastard

-How are you even sure that they went to the same school?

-Heehun...? Isn't he that guy who was on the same show with SNSD??

-Seems like things like this only prove how kind and warm-hearted BTS' members are. None of them is weird or have a dark past...

-It's not like he did something great. What is he so proud of?

-Is he still going through puberty or what?

-What is he doing at that age...ㅋㅋㅋ

-Is this from 2015...? Is it from when BTS was still rookies?
 ㄴBTS was on their 3rd year of their career, they debuted on 2013

-I f*cking hate him
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What's your goal weight?

I'm 162cm tall, I'm planning to lose weight until I reach 56-57kg (I'm currently 60kg)
But my mom keeps telling me to try to reach 55 kg
I'm old, I have kids, and I work as well...
I don't think I can be that thin anymore with this condition.
Should I try?

I want to lose the weight in a slow and healthy way, maybe until July or August...?ㅠㅠ

-I'm 169cm tall and I think I look the best when I'm 51 to 52kg. I'm currently 54~55kg-ish.


-I'm 158cm tall and my goal weight is 43kg. I want to know how it feels like to have a thin and weak body. I originally have large bones.

-I'm 160cm tall and my goal is 45kg. I currently weigh 49 to 50kg.

-I'm old and I have a kid who's sitting in 3rd grade. I'm 158cm tall and I weigh 43kg now. Losing weight has nothing to do with your age.

-I'm 173cm and when I weighed 56kg a lot of people tell me I was skinny...

-158cm/48kg. I have to lose 20kg to reach my goalㅠㅠ

-I'm quite short so I'm gonna say 40-ish...? At least 43 kg...?

-I'm 162cm tall and my dream is to weigh 40kg-ish! But it's kind of impossible, my realistic target is 55 kg!ㅋㅋ

-I want to weigh 50kg at 160cm tall. But why is it so difficult?


-157cm/43kg. I want to be stick skinny...
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The story that happened when BTS' V was a elementary school student

'I fought with my friend, but she has wide connections. I'm afraid I'll lose more friends because of the fight'

Back then, I almost lost friends because of this friend.
He was a smart student, he was good at sports as well. He was good at everything.
And on the other side, I was just an average student.
I became friends with him, but he somehow didn't think of me as his friend.
He thought of me as someone who was lower than himself, I could totally felt it. 
One day, it was his birthday. He said he was having a birthday party on weekend'
Back then it was a trend, giving a gift certificate as a birthday present.
He said, "Buy a gift certificate (as a birthday present), that way we could have a birthday party"
So I bought one. I was on my way to the party but then I realized that I was the only one who didn't know the location of the party. He told all the other friends where it was, but not to me.
I didn't know where to go. I stood outside for 3 hours, thinking about where to go.
So I called him, but I was afraid he wouldn't pick up my phone so I called him through a pay phone.
He didn't pick up. I kept on calling him and in the end, he picked up.
I said, "Hey, I bought you a gift certificate. Where should I go now?"
He answered that I just needed to go to an arcade room, which I did.
I went there and gave him the gift certificate, and I said "It's time for me to go home. Bye"
I remember crying a lot on my way back home from the party.

Later I heard that he was actually jealous of me.
That's why he didn't tell me where the exact location of his party.
He was jealous of me because I became closer with his friends as time passed by.
But we were really young back then.
He sincerely apologized to me for it around 2 years later, I guess...?
He contacted me and said, 'Thank you for being my friend'

After I debuted, I went to Geochang.
I went to McDonald's and he was there.
We decided to have some coffee and talked.
I paid for the coffee.

Things were solved nicely between us.
It's possible to get jealous of someone else.
Every time you get jealous, just remember to not have any bad intentions towards that person.
That way things would be solved nicely. 

-This is literally a 'crying button' for meㅠㅠ

-V is such a kind-hearted man...

-'I paid for the coffee'. He looked very proud when he said thatㅋㅋㅋㅋ

-You can totally see what kind of person he was just by listening to this story...

-He sounds very kindㅠㅠ He's really adorable...

-That guy is seriously so mean...

-He's really kind and pure. If I were him, I would never accept his apology for the rest of my life.

-I'm so jealous of his mindset. If I were him, I probably would hold grudges for the rest of my life...

-V's heart is much more handsome than his face. That's why there are no reasons to hate. 

-I'm suddenly craving for hamburgers...

-If I were him, I probably wouldn't handle things as cool as he did..

-Why does he sound so adorable...

-Look at his expression when he said he paid for the coffeeㅜㅜ His heart is pure...
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Shuhua responds to questions why she doesn't use makeup

A lot of people ask me, 'Why don't you put on makeup, nail polish, or dye your hair?'
I don't dress up much, but I always take a look of myself in the mirror and brush my hear neatly before going out~ If you ask why, it's because I feel comfortable this way
I know that each person has their own preferences and I respect it.
I love being natural, I love this side of me.
To some of you, I may look lacking in some aspects but I personally think myself is really precious!! This is what beauty is to me.
I don't know about how you guys would judge me, but I will always love this side of me and I'm confident with it.
I just want to share some words to live by today:
[Don't get mad at someone who makes you angry on purpose]
[Having your own strengths is a great happiness that you can't compare to anything else]

-She has the type of face that doesn't need makeup anyway...

-That's a really great post!

-She looks prettier with no makeup on... Seems like some people are saying bullshit because she barely puts on makeup...

-If I had that face, I wouldn't put on makeup either...

-First of all, she looks beautiful even without make upㅠㅠ F*ck, I bet there's no other country that is just as obsessed as our country when it comes to makeup...

-She has a really great personalityㅎㅎ

-I want to embrace my bare face too... Too bad it doesn't look as pretty as Shuhua's...

-That's such a great saying... She has a really nice mindset...

-She's not only beautiful, but also smart and thoughtful...

-Why would you say that to someone else... Just mind your own face, people...

-Shuhua's posts are really heart-warmingㅠㅠ

-Her mental and mind are just as beautiful as her face...

-Shuhua sounds really cool...

-Her Korean is better than mine...
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The status of military enlistment of idols who were born in 1989 to 1991

*They all have to enlist in 2019

All of the male idols who were born in 1989 either have completed their military enlistment or currently serving in it

Bigbang: Seungri (?)
CNBlue: Jonghyun (O)
2PM: Junho, Chansung
FT Island: Lee Hongki, Choi Jonghoon (?)
Highlight: Yang Yoseob (O), Lee Gikwang (O) is enlisting this week
Infinite: Dongwoo (O)
BTOB: Seo Eunkwang (O), Lee Minhyuk (O)
Block B: Taeil, B-Bomb, Jaehyo (O)
VIXX: N (O), Leo
EXO: Xiumin (O) is enlisting next month

SHINee: Key (O), Minho (O)
Infinite: Woohyun, Sungyeol (O)
EXO: Suho
Wanna One: Yoon Jisung
Highlight: Son Dongwoon (O) is enlisting next month
Winner: Kim Jinwoo
2AM: Jung JInwoon (O)
BTOB: Lee Changseob (O)
CNBlue: Kang Minhyuk (O), Lee Jungshin (O)
B1A4: CNU (O)

-Those with the question marks, though

-I seriously want to erase the 'CNBlue' name that's written next to Lee Jonghyun's name...

-Most of '91 liners are enlisting this year...

-Winner's Kim Jinwoo was born in 1991...? I had no idea. What happens to Winner then? Are they going to promote with three members?

-I can't send Jinwoo away... How am I supposed to send him awayㅠㅠㅠ

-Hul... Seokjin is enlisting next year, thenㅠㅠ This can't be true...

-That means '92 liners are enlisting next year...ㅠㅠ

-I can't believe Xiumin is already at the age to enlist in the militaryㅠㅠㅠ

-Kibum-ah, Minho-ya... I miss you...

-Hul, that means L is enlisting next year...

-I had no idea Winner's Jinwoo was born in 1991... When will Winner have a comeback?

-What's up with the question mark besides Seungri's nameㅋㅋㅋ That's hilarious...

-My bias is a '92 liner, does that mean he has to enlist by next year? I'm already sad just by thinking of it...
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Roy Kim lost a lot of weight

(go to the original link for more pics)

-So what if a perpetrator loses weight?? Just think about how much the victims had to suffer because of him...

-I bet he hasn't been sleeping ever since Jung Joonyoung's scandal was brought to the light...

-He still had time to style his hair in the middle of that??

-Seems like he had makeup on here...

-It must've been so much tougher for the victims and their familiesㅠㅠ

-He can't give up his hairstyle, huh?

-I don't care. I don't want to see him on TV again.

-It looks like he ages 10 years in just a night.

-Is this really the Roy Kim that I know?

-I don't care

-He should've lived his life properly...

-Totally the type of face that I really hate to see

-Ugh... A criminal, I feel like puking now.

-His eyes look very terrifying...
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Who is the first idol from the 2000s that comes to your mind when the 'apple hair' is mentioned?

1. G-Dragon

2. Goo Hara

3. Sohee

4. Sandara Park

-Isn't GD's hair called as 'Duck Hair' instead of 'Apple Hair'?

-I clicked here while thinking of Sohee...

-Who started off this trend...? Was it Sandara Park...?

-G-Dragon and Sandara...

-I think Sohee and GD's hair was called as 'Duck Hair', not 'Apple Hair'...

-Wooyoung... I don't know why but I thought of Wooyoung...

-Sohee or Hara...

-Huk, am I the only one who thought of Yoona?

-Of course it's Goo Hara...

-At first, I thought of Goo Hara, and then I thought of Sohee...

-I thought of Jessica...

-Why did I think of Leeteuk...?

-Am I the only one who thought of Lee Hongki?

-Yang Yoseob...? Has he ever done this hairstyle? I think I've seen him somewhere with this apple hairㅋㅋㅋ

-Goo Hara suits the hairstyle really well...
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If you could, which member of NCT do you wish to choose as your siblings?

Based on the anecdotes of the members, etc!


-I wish I could be Moon Taeil's younger sisterㅠㅠ

-I'd choose to be Jisung's older sister

-Doyoungㅋㅋ I would tease him a lot, he's adorable...

-Youngho. If I had a relative or family member like Youngho, I probably would have a really high confidenceㅋㅋㅋㅋ

-Mark, I would tease him a lot...

-Mark. I have a younger sibling who's the same age as him. If Mark was my younger brother, I would carry him on my back all the time. I would take him to school by carrying him on my back everyday.

-For older brother, I would say Taeil, Doyoung, or Youngho. But for younger brother, I would say Mark.

-Kim Dongyoungㅠㅠ I notice how Doyoung adores and takes care of his family members a lot...

-I would choose to have Jungwoo as my younger brother and Youngho as my older brother...

-Hmm.. An older brother like Jaehyun or Youngho would be nice, I guess...? Or Mark, or Haechan, or Jeno as a younger brother...? Or maybe Jungwoo as a twin...? I'll just imagine it...

-I would love to be Jeno or Win Win's older sister...

-I would choose to be Taeil's younger sisterㅠㅠ Or maybe Mark's older sister...
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Three different idol groups drop teasers for their comebacks at the same time

NCT 127



-Nu'est's teasers look very classy...

-I love how NCT's teaser is very minimalist...

-I love the design for Twice's upcoming album, though... It feels like everyone is pulling a prank on meㅠㅠ

-Whoa, all the groups that I like are having comebacks!!ㄷㄷ

-I love NCT's teaser, it's too bad that I can't see their faces clearly. For Nu'est, the visuals are really outstanding and the concept looks very classy. For Twiceㅠㅠ What are they doing to Twice's members who are really pretty...

-I'm really looking forward to Twice's comebackㅠㅠ

-NCT's teaser looks very cool...

-Twice's upcoming album looks like a Japanese fashion magazine...

-Just because the girls are pretty, doesn't mean that you can do whatever you want to themㅠㅠ

-NCT's teaser looks so freaking cool and what are they doing to my pretty girlsㅠㅠ

-I really hope for NCT to have a better stylist...

-Nu'est's teasers look very aesthetically pleasing...

-Nu'est's members look very handsome in the teasers...

-NCT's teaser looks very NCT-ish and this is a praise, anyway...
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