Monday, April 16, 2018

JYP organizing their trainees (Possible line up for Somi's girl group)

Not only Oh Hanseol and Park Yejin, Park Sunmin who also participated in Mixnine also made an Instagram account.

Seems like JYP is getting rid of their trainees after deciding the members of their upcoming girlgroup (a.k.a the participants of Sixteen 2)

-Hul.. Then does that mean the trainees who made Instagram account have left JYP??

-Hul.. Sunmin..? Why JYP.. Why?

-Hul.. Yejin..?? I was so sure that she was going to debut, though..

-Seems like the rumors saying that they’re going to debut another girlgroup is true..

-Hasn’t it been that long since they debuted a boy group?

-What’s the name of the girl in the middle? I’m in love with her.. She’s totally my type..

-Hul.. Hanseol and Yejin left JYP? This doesn’t make sense..ㄷㄷ

-Hul.. Park Yejin, I was 100% sure JYP is going to debut her in their new girlgroup..

-So the OP is saying that they’re not going to debut soon and that JYP is just made a line up of the upcoming girl group, right??

-I heard that Chaeryung also left JYP.. I hope they could debut together..

-Please don’t start another survival program, please..

-Hul.. Oh Hanseol?? JYP seemed to love her so much, I thought they were going to debut her in their new girl group..

-Who’s left in JYP then? Jeon Somi, Shin Ryujin, Shin Eunsoo, Lilly M, Hwang Yeji, Park Sieun, Chaeryung.. I’m looking forward to this girl group..

-The second girl is totally the type that JYP likes, though.. What a pityㅠ

-Somi-ya, let’s debut!! I miss you..

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