Saturday, May 28, 2016

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Trainees nowadays..

Two weeks ago, I heard the rumours saying that SM The Ballad's former member, Jino, moved to Cube Ent. and is currently preparing for his debut.
I'm not an SM fan, but I was really curious so I looked up his name on searching engine and found out a show called 'Pentagon Maker'..

??? What's with this height difference??
No matter how small Jinho is, but is this even possible?
And I did some research..

Pentagon's giant maknae, Jung Wooseok, whose height is almost 190cm..
And these are some another pictures of him.
 ??? Who's the guy standing next to him?
He also seems tall..

He makes the person next to him looks small..

This person is 187cmㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

And when these two tall guys play 'Mouth to Mouth'...

Everyone, you're now witnessing a 187cm-tall-guy sitting on a 190cm-tall-guy's lap.

Why do trainees nowadays have such nice builds..
It makes noonas like me happy..

The last picture is the height difference between Jinho-Hui-Wooseok



-Whoa.. Look at their lengths..

-Wooseok and Yean are really tall.. They make the members who are over 180cm look smallㅠㅠㅠ

-Jo Jinhoㅠㅠㅠ But Pentagon's Yuta, Yean, and Wooseok are really tall.. It's unbelievable..
  -It's not Yuta, it's Yuto!! Yuta is the member of SM Rookies!

-He's my seniorㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
  -Cheongryang High School??

-Jo Jinho is so smallㅠㅠ

-What group is this??
  -Ah, is this the program that SM's trainees are doing?
  -They are Pentagon, rookie group from Cube.


-How old is he?
  -He's a '98liner!!
  -Wooseok is 19 years old, Yean is 21 years old, and Jinho is 25 years old!

-Kids nowadays are really tall.. They also have good proportions.. 

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IOI Jung Chaeyeon's past

I'm not an anti or a fan, I just posted this because she's really pretty..

This is her elementary school graduation picture, I can see a little bit of her current face here..

These are her graduation picture and her selfie during middle high school..
She seems to get more mature at the time.. But I have to admit she looked really different..

SOPA graduation pictures

The day where she exploded with her potential to debut in Produce101's final line up


1. [+0][-0] You're good at pretending that you're not an anti..

2. [+1][-0] Look at those people who downvote this just because this is an article about Jung Chaeyeonㅋㅋ

3. [+5][-0] She fixed her whole face but she really looks like she's a natural beauty.. How can someone be that pretty..

4. [+5][-0] How can a person change that much..

5. [+4][-0] Whoa.. Should we call her.. plastic..beauty? Anyway, her plastic surgery was done really well, it looks natural.. Pretty..

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Honestly, Jung Chaeyeon..

People are hating on her just because she did plastic surgery, but actually was her pre-surgery face that ugly?
They can't just hate her for nothing, that's why they use plastic surgery as a reason to hate her. But she didn't even change that much like Park Minyoung did, she just got a little bit prettier than she used to be.
She went to Hanlim Multi Art School because she's pretty..


1. [+30][-2] Her pre-surgery face was an average.. There's at least a kid in every classes with that kind of face..

2. [+26][-4] Yes~~ So pretty, those pictures were taken after her surgery~^^
3. [+14][-1] What are you talking about? Honestly, she can't even dance and sing. If she didn't do plastic surgery, she wouldn't be in DIA.. no, she wouldn't even be able to debut by now. And that graduation picture was taken after her plastic surgery, she did ps when she was in the last year of middle high school that's why she look pretty in her high-school pictures.

4. [+14][-1] Her pre-surgery face wasn't that ugly, but still it's not the kind of face that will be able to debut on a girl group.

5. [+8][-0] What are you talking about.. Those pictures were taken after her surgery..

6. [+2][-0] Do you think girls would go to all-girls school if they're pretty?ㅋㅋ

7. [+2][-0] But she really does have a light skin..

8. [+2][-3] Do you have to be pretty to enroll to Hanlim Multi Art School?

9. [+10][-1] What kind of bullshit is this..?

10. [+4][-0] The right one was taken after she did plastic surgery

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Who is prettier?

Jung Chaeyeon


 Zhou Zieqiong?


1. [+71][-19] I'm not her fan, but I really have to admit that Zhou Zieqiong is really pretty..

2. [+48][-24] Jung Chaeyeon for me

3. [+35][-8] Zhou Jieqiong.. Honestly, Jung Chaeyeon would be so-so without her light skin.. Her face is too big.

4. [+22][-16] Jung Chaeyeon.. Zhou Zieqiong's jaw is somewhat weird for me..

5. [+18][-10] Jung Chaeyeon's features are not fancy but she has this innocent vibes, leaving the fact that she did plastic surgery. 

6. [+11][-0] Both are pretty on their own way.. Jung Chaeyeon has an innocent vibes, while Zhou Zieqiong is rather on the fancy side.

7. [+11][-8] Both are pretty but I personally find Zhou Zieqiong is prettier, she's my type.

8. [+10][-11] Jung Chaeyeon

9. [+9][-1] Zhou Jieqiong

10. [+9][-8] Isn't Zhou Jieqiong prettier?

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