Wednesday, August 7, 2019

The male idol who saved a life of an emergency patient

is Aron from Nu'est

After KCon ended, he headed to the plane and there was this emergency situation involving another person. Fortunately, there was a doctor present in the same plane but they couldn't communicate due to the language barrier. So Aron stepped ahead and helped both parties to communicateㅜㅜ 
He wasn't feeling good either but he was willing to help others and that is really admirable...

Even his heart is very admirable and beautiful.
I love you, Kwak Aronㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ


1. [+98][-2] I can't imagine how happy my fandom would be if it was my idol... I'm not a fan or anything, but I would like to congratulate him~~

2. [+81][-1] He's really cool...

3. [+75][-1] Aron is a very sweet, friendly, and smart guyㅠㅠ For your information, he wasn't feeling good either at that time. But he still had the heart to help the othersㅠㅠ He's really cool, for real...

4. [+41][-0] Ah... He's such a sweet and cool guy. 
(PS: Attachment of a screen-capture talking about how Aron helped the patient and the doctor with his fluent English)

5. [+35][-0] He said that he felt shyㅠㅠㅠ He's so cute! And the source of this news is an anonymous passenger from the same flight.
(PS: Attachment of a screen-capture talking about how Aron felt shy when this news surfaced. He said that it's something that he absolutely would do, he also wishes for the patient to get well soon)

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Did you see this during ITZY's interview on Inkigayo yesterday??

I was watching ITZY's part on Inkigayo,

Yeji stepped back a little bit but Seventeen's Mingyu thought she stumbled over and was about to fall. The way he automatically reached his hand out to hold Yeji is seriously so heart-fluttering.


1. [+173][-4] I watched Inkigayo live yesterday and I was very surprised to see Mingyu bowing 90 degrees even towards rookie groups... There was this time when he was about to interview VERIVERY and both of them bowed 90 degrees, if it wasn't for their stage outfits I probably wouldn't be able to tell apart which one of them is the junior and the senior. 

2. [+165][-3] There are some times when Mingyu has to be absent from the show, but if you're looking at the way he emcees and treats staffs and the other performers, you would totally understand why they let him keep his position as an MC for more than 1 years and 7 months. First of all, he's a great MC, he knows how to handle small mistakes, he acts friendly, cute, and polite towards the staffs. Anyone who has watched Inkigayo live probably knows about all of these. He also treats the guests/performers really well. When the groups perform parts of their song, he would step back and follow the dance but not too outstanding. I watched Inkigayo live yesterday and according to one of the producers, Inkigayo still doesn't have any thoughts to change Mingyu as their MC. 

3. [+111][-13] Look at how beautiful Yuna is when she runs her hand through her hair;;

4. [+54][-0] There was this one time when he interviewed WJSN, and Luda seemed to be confused with the script or something. It was her turn to talk, but since she didn't say anything, Mingyu was like, 'Luda-ssi??~'. And I swear that melted my heart into a big poodleㅜㅜㅜ

5. [+53][-0] That is so heart-fluttering. Especially since Yeji seemed to not notice it.
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Boo Seungkwan who lost more weight recently

These are screen-captures from the live broadcast that Seventeen did yesterday

He has always been thin, but this time it looks like he has completely lost the baby fat on his face


1. [+47][-1] Boo has indeed lost a lot of weight, especially when Seventeen is actively promoting. He said he was going on a diet so fans thought Seventeen was going to have a comeback soon, the next time he made an appearance it looks like he has lost 5kg from the last time he was seen, which is very surprising. 

2. [+44][-2] I'm a Carat and he surprised me as well. I remember he was the thinnest during Boom Boom era, and it feels like he's back at that era again. 

3. [+40][-3] He lost the fat that he didn't even have in the first placeㅜㅜ

4. [+22][-3] Hwang Minhyun and Boo Seungkwan somehow resemble each other in a very strange way that I can not explain. 

5. [+17][-1] What's fascinating is that I can see Hwang Minhyun in him now. I guess that's the type of visual that Pledis is really intoㅋㅋ

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Blackpink's Jisoo left a comment on Red Velvet's Seulgi's Instagram post!!

Seulgi: Be careful of your head!
Jisoo: I already bumped my forehead there😎
Seulgi: No... Our foreheads are preciousㅠㅠ😱

Seulgi is older than Jisoo by one yearㅋㅋㅋ
But she talks in a very cute mannerㅋㅋ
Let me correct that, both of them are equally cuteㅜㅜ


1. [+34][-0] Jisoo was born in early 1995 so they just decided to talk to each other casually!!

2. [+33][-1] Seems like they're still close to each otherㅠㅠ I love Black Velvet so muchㅎㅎㅎ

3. [+28][-1] Ah, I love both of themㅠㅠㅠ

4. [+24][-1] Out of all the other idols, Black Velvet's interactions are my favoriteㅠㅠ Both groups seem to be very nice and adorable.

5. [+16][-2] Pure babies
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The rookie female idol who refers Infinite as 'old-idol'

Her statement is sparking a controversy right now. 

1. That girl is a foreigner, it's completely normal for her to think so. She doesn't even know that DBSK used to have 5 members.
2. It is true that Infinite is an 'old-idol'. Stop the witch-hunt. 
3. This is a variety show, it shouldn't be taken too seriously.
4. Inspirits always drag other idols down everytime they have the chance to (Which is completely false)


1. Infinite has been promoting a lot, they're currently on hiatus for now. But that female idol makes it sound as if Infinite has disbanded. 
2. It's not right for her to treat the senior who is under the same company like that. Especially since he even makes a special guest on the show to support his junior. 
3. Even if she's a foreigner, it's very thoughtless of her to talk in that manner to a senior who debuted 10 years before her. 
4. Woolim is promoting Rocket Punch with the title 'Infinite's junior', so she's very thoughtless for speaking up about Infinite like that.

What do you guys think?


1. [+344][-26] What made Inspirits upset is not the fact that she referred Infinite as 'old-idol. She's Japanese, she may choose the wrong word to say since she's not fluent in Korean and Inspirits can totally understand that. But what she said can make some fans upset since some haters may start comparing Infinite to other groups for being 'old-idol' and stuffs.

2. [+265][-106] She has totally crossed the line. That was very impolite of her. 

3. [+254][-45] Rocket Punch has two or three groups debuted before them from the same company. And that group they call 'Old-idol' spared some of his time to guest on that show only to support them~~ Why should he? When he's busy preparing for his concert and stuffs~~ Why should he? When he barely makes any guest appearance in a variety show?~~

4. [+98][-0] I'm not a fan of Inspirit, but she sounded very impolite and I can totally see why Inspirits are pissed of. I was very shocked when I found out about this on Twitter. Why did she have to drag Infinite like that? If you ask random strangers on the street, they would mention H.O.T, Sechs Kies, Fink.L, etc if you ask them about 'old-idols'. Not Infinite. 
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BTS' Jin and Blackpink's Jisoo voted #1 on Best Visual KPOP Idol 2019

A global K-Community site unveils male and female idol with the most votes as the Best Visual KPOP Idol of the year.
BTS' Jin received 43% of the votes, resulting him to become the male idol with the Best Visual. On the other side, Blackpink's Jisoo achieved the Best Visual for the female idol category.


1. [+113][-4] Their looks haven't changed a bit

2. [+108][-4] Both of them are the epitome of beauty

3. [+81][-14] Picture that starts the rumors that Jin and Jisoo are actually siblings

4.[+50][-1] How should I put it into words? Jin looks very neat, he has a well-mannered image. 

5. [+42][-0] I know right, it's not easy to look handsome and yet not burdensome to see at the same time. Look at his flawless facial features, his face has the golden proportions.

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