Sunday, August 7, 2016

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[NOT CONFIRMED] Seventeen Vernon's sister got casted by JYP

'Seventeen Vernon's JYP got casted by JYP'
'My younger sibling goes to the same school with her. I heard she got street-casted by JYP and FNC, I'm so jealousㅠㅠㅠㅠ And she had a contract with Pledis but I heard it's already terminated!! She probably has started training by now.. I'm so jealous'

Q: Which member will you give the permission to date your sister?
A:*cross out all of the names*

His sister was born in 2004.. She's 13 years old..



-Whoa.. She's so pretty..

-The way Vernon looks like is.. unbelievable..

-Hul.. It would be nice to be in the same company with her brother, thoㅠㅠ It's too bad..

-I can feel his anger in his writingsㅋㅋㅋㅋ

-Oh.. Please don't sign contract with FNC..

-Whoa.. Look at these fancy siblings..

-Hulㅠㅠ JYP is better than Pledis but I like Pledis more..ㅠㅠ

-Is this trust-worthy..


-Vernon is really handsome...

-She looks like Somi when she appeared in Dream Team a long time ago..

-JYP is so into mixed Koreans these days..

-No way.. Please tell me it's not real.. It would be too hard for herㅠㅠ

-Sophia, fighting!!

-I can't believe this yet because there's no proof..

-Hul.. His answer somewhat makes my heart skips a beat..

-Miss.. Please walk only on the flowery paths..

-I hope things will turn out well for her..

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'Carefree' Sulli uploads another controversial pictures on her Instagram.

She once became a hot topic of the town because she uploaded a picture of her wearing no bra..

-She's so pretty.. She looks like the main character from a webtoon..

-She's so cool..

-I'm just afraid that she might get abused sexually..

-Since when did wearing no bra become a problem..

-It's sort of shocking but I'm so jealous of her.. She's so carefree, she doesn't let any people bring her down..

-I seriously can't understand this.. I honestly don't like her but I'm so dumbfounded by the fact people are trying to hate on her for wearing no bra..

-Aigoo.. So pretty..

-Sulli is so pretty..

-It's really nice to see her being so confidence and brave..

-Seems like everyone always check her boobs first whenever she uploads picturesㅋㅋㅋㅋ I only see her face and scroll it down..

-What's the problem..

-But does she really have to pose like that..?

-At first, I wondered why did she do such thing but I just don't care anymore now..

-She knows this was going to be controversial yet she keeps uploading things like that..

-Leaving the fact that it's a bad thing or not, seems like she has a strong and great mentality..

-South Korea is just South Korea..

-I lived abroad before so I don't see women wearing no bra in the street is a weird thing..

-It's her freedom..

-It's up to her to wear her bra or not..
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Stellar Hyoeun shocks netizens by revealing her real weight

It's written that she weighs 48kg in her profile, but

She actually only weighs 41.3kg..
It's so shocking because she's really thin..

I got shocked twice because she's so pretty..

-?? She only weighs 41.3kg when she's 170cm tall???

-I wish I was as skinny as her..

-Hul.. If she's 170cm tall and only weighs 41kg, doesn't that mean she's underweight??

-170cm and 41kg????

-Her body is nice..

-She's so skinny.......41......

-She's too skinny if she only weighs 41kg at that tall..

-She's so skinny..

-Whoa.. Hul.. She might faint in anytime if she doesn't gain any weight soon..

-Hul..? Did she lie about her height..? She's skinny but it doesn't look like she's 170cm for real..

-Hul.. Maybe she's shorter than her height in the profile??

-If she takes off her clothes and her accessories, she must be around 40..

-Hul.. She should at least gain 10kg.. It's for her own health..

-Lee Hyoeun.. She's so skinny.. She should gain some weight..

-Hul.. This is so shocking..

-She's not 170cm right?

-I don't think she's 170.. She looks like she's around 166~7.. But still.. 41kg at 166cm is skinny..

-She's so skinny but her body is nice..

-I'm so jealous of her..

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Netizens think that Lee Daeul looks like these celebrities

Superman is Back's Daeul

Exo's Chen

SHINee's Key (Especially with that haircut..)
-Hul.. True.. He reminds me of someone whenever I see him in Superman is Back but I can't figure out who.. Turns out it's Chen..
-I personally think he also looks like actress Lee Yoobi too..
-Daeul looks like Jongdae way too much..
-He really looks like Chen.. It's so fascinating..
-Hul.. He really looks like Chen..
-Please let our Jongdae meet Daeulㅠㅠㅠㅠ
-I can't help myself but agree..
-Pardon?? I don't think he looks like Chen..
-Jongdaeㅠㅠ If Jongdae and I get married and have a son.. I bet he would look totally like Daeul..
-Dean.. He always reminds me of Daeul whenever I see him..
-Hul.. I don't know why and how but I always think of Shin Minah and Lee Jinwook whenever I see himㅋㅋㅋ
-Jongdae Daeul, please meet each other..
-Jongdae and Daeul are so cuteㅠㅠㅠㅠ Imagine how nice is it to have a son like Daeulㅠㅠ
-He also slightly looks like Eric Nam..
-He also looks like Younha in some way..
-I also heard that I look like Daeul a lot.......
-Daeul-ah.. This Noona will wait for you..
-Daeul is so lovely..ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

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The most legendary class in the history (5 of them debuted as idols)

L-R: Dokyeom, Yuju, Minjoo, Jiho, ChengXiao
ChengXiao, Jung Minjoo, Choi Yuna, Kim Jiho, Lee Seokmin.
There are 5 active idols debuted from this class..
The more shocking thing is that they don't major in practical music, but practical dance..
And there are 2 main vocals debuted from this class..
This is what you call flower garden..


-I guess Cheng Xiao entered the school early than the other kids in her age..


-Seokmin jjiㅠㅠ

-Our Gyeomiㅜㅜ

-Hul?? I thought Cheng Xiao was the name of the group until the moment I read this.. So Cheng Xiao was the member's name.. Why didn't I know this..

-Huk.. But does that mean that girl's last name is Sung and her first name is So? (Cheng Xiao is written as Sungso in Korean)..? 
  -She's a Chinese!

-There's no way that Lee Seokmin is not mine..

-That's right.. This class was unbelievable.. The fact that NCT's Jaehyun and DIA's Jung Chaeyeon were in the same class is unbelievable as well..

-Seokmin is a man who majored in dance..

-Oh.. Our Jungkookie was in the class next to theirs..

-Hul Jiho was from the same school!!

-I heard Jaehyun? also went to the same school?

-I also heard that Kang Mina and Mark are in the same class right now..

-Our Seokmin is too handsome!!! I might die!!!

-Who's the other main vocal beside Yuju?

-I don't know anyone else beside Yuju and Dokyeom..
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Sohee and Sunmi walking side to side back then and now

The left one is Sunmi and the right one is Sohee

+Sohee and Sunmi's recent whereabouts

-Sunmi.. She's really prettyㅜㅜ

-These twoㅠㅠㅠ are so prettyㅠㅠㅠ

-Whoa.. Look at their legs..

-They are so prettyㅠㅠ


-Both of them are so freaking pretty!!ㅠㅠ

-Hul.. I'm tearing up..

-Whoa.. I somehow feel really weird.. They both are so pretty.. And it's really nice to know that they're still contacting each other just fine..

-Whoa.. Time sure does pass really fast..

-Oh.. I feel like I'm going to choke on my tears.. Look at them wearing uniform.. Time passes fast..

-You both are so prettyㅠㅠ I've been a fan of yours since your debut until now, this secondㅠㅠ Thanks for doing promotions until nowㅠㅠ

-Hul.. The second picture was taken in the place I work part-time at..

-Why am I having such feels just by looking at their old pictures..

-They're so pretty even though all I can see is just their backs..

-They spent their youths togetherㅠㅠㅠㅠ So beautiful..

-I like Miso!!
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