Sunday, August 7, 2016


'Carefree' Sulli uploads another controversial pictures on her Instagram.

She once became a hot topic of the town because she uploaded a picture of her wearing no bra..

-She's so pretty.. She looks like the main character from a webtoon..

-She's so cool..

-I'm just afraid that she might get abused sexually..

-Since when did wearing no bra become a problem..

-It's sort of shocking but I'm so jealous of her.. She's so carefree, she doesn't let any people bring her down..

-I seriously can't understand this.. I honestly don't like her but I'm so dumbfounded by the fact people are trying to hate on her for wearing no bra..

-Aigoo.. So pretty..

-Sulli is so pretty..

-It's really nice to see her being so confidence and brave..

-Seems like everyone always check her boobs first whenever she uploads picturesㅋㅋㅋㅋ I only see her face and scroll it down..

-What's the problem..

-But does she really have to pose like that..?

-At first, I wondered why did she do such thing but I just don't care anymore now..

-She knows this was going to be controversial yet she keeps uploading things like that..

-Leaving the fact that it's a bad thing or not, seems like she has a strong and great mentality..

-South Korea is just South Korea..

-I lived abroad before so I don't see women wearing no bra in the street is a weird thing..

-It's her freedom..

-It's up to her to wear her bra or not..