Sunday, August 7, 2016

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The most legendary class in the history (5 of them debuted as idols)

L-R: Dokyeom, Yuju, Minjoo, Jiho, ChengXiao
ChengXiao, Jung Minjoo, Choi Yuna, Kim Jiho, Lee Seokmin.
There are 5 active idols debuted from this class..
The more shocking thing is that they don't major in practical music, but practical dance..
And there are 2 main vocals debuted from this class..
This is what you call flower garden..


-I guess Cheng Xiao entered the school early than the other kids in her age..


-Seokmin jjiㅠㅠ

-Our Gyeomiㅜㅜ

-Hul?? I thought Cheng Xiao was the name of the group until the moment I read this.. So Cheng Xiao was the member's name.. Why didn't I know this..

-Huk.. But does that mean that girl's last name is Sung and her first name is So? (Cheng Xiao is written as Sungso in Korean)..? 
  -She's a Chinese!

-There's no way that Lee Seokmin is not mine..

-That's right.. This class was unbelievable.. The fact that NCT's Jaehyun and DIA's Jung Chaeyeon were in the same class is unbelievable as well..

-Seokmin is a man who majored in dance..

-Oh.. Our Jungkookie was in the class next to theirs..

-Hul Jiho was from the same school!!

-I heard Jaehyun? also went to the same school?

-I also heard that Kang Mina and Mark are in the same class right now..

-Our Seokmin is too handsome!!! I might die!!!

-Who's the other main vocal beside Yuju?

-I don't know anyone else beside Yuju and Dokyeom..