Sunday, February 10, 2019

Let's meet again in the same post in 5 years!

Let's meet here in 5 years

Let's write the things that you want to say to yourself in the next 5 years!


1. [+232][-1] In the next 5 years, my son would be 10 years old and sitting in 3rd grade.. He's suffering from language developmental disorders, but he actually can speak well and I hope he grows up just like how normal kids at his age would.. I hope what is happening right now could be a good memory in the future..ㅜㅜ My poor baby..ㅜㅜ

2. [+125][-2] I really love posts like this..ㅜㅜ This is the wish that I made two years ago, and now I'm currently in my second year studying at Korean National University of Education! I hope all of your dreams come true..
'You've been through a lot. You've always wanted to study at Korean National University of Education, did you get accepted to that school? It's not easy to get into that school, so even if you don't get accepted I hope you're not disappointed of yourself because you've done your best. I hope you're still doing your best like how I'm doing my best right now. You've suffered a lot, you can't even spend the winter break playing and hanging around. This could be a really good lesson for you in the future. Have a great winter break'

3. [+123][-7] Hi, you must be 24 years old right now. I bet you've already debuted as a singer, which has always been your dream, congratulations. How was your feeling when you first debuted? I'm really curious about that. You must've held hands with your unnies and cried a lot, right? It must've been really emotional. I still haven't experienced that, but I've imagined that more than a thousand times. I'm having a hard time right now, it all looks so close to me yet they're actually really far from me. I'm doing my best, but I feel uneasy because this is the only path that I have right now. I'm currently trembling and feeling uneasy right now, I'm scared everything that I have done so far will end up as nothing. But thank you so much for hanging in. Congratulations on your 4th debut anniversary.. Thank you so much for making my dream come true.

4. [+50][-0] Do you still go on Pann..???

5. [+24][-0] I bet Pann will go out of business before that..

6. [+18][-0] Would I still be in the world in the next 5 years..? I hope so..

7. [+18][-0] Are you happy?

8. [+13][-0] Hey, are you still alive? Theoretically, you're supposed to die 2 years ago. Good job. You've lived long enough by then. You've worked hard. Do you still remember the days where you had to receive chemotherapy and cry because you had to shave all of your hair. Right now, I feel like dying but I hope you're happy at the moment you're reading this. I seriously feel like dying right now.

9. [+12][-1] I love you. I love you so much.

10. [+10][-0] I hope you get accepted in Korean National University of Education and become a teacher who could help her students to shine..
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What if someone gave you money because you're ugly. Would you take the money?

-I would absolutely take the money..

-I would take the money and say, 'Thank you'..

-I would call my sister to come over and take the money..

-Yeah, I already know that I'm ugly^^ At least I get to take the money..

-Nope. If they're going to call me ugly, they should be giving me at least a billion..

-Can I get money for being ugly..? Thank you so much..

-It's not like I can get prettier if I don't take the money..

-If I take the money that doesn't mean I agree that I'm ugly, anyway..

-Well, I'm sure that I'm pretty so it doesn't matter.. I'm still going to take the money..

-I would ask if they want to see me in an uglier expressions..?

-That's a lot of money to be rejected..

-I look ugly on daily basis. Can I get $200 on daily basis too..?

-Give the money quickly.. It's an urgent situation, I'm hungry and craving for some pizza..

-Of course I should take the money!!

-I would take the money, go and change my clothes, and take the money again..

-I'm so f*cking ugly so give me $400..
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ITZY drops the M/V for DALLA DALLA

-I think the part that comes up in the teaser is the best part of the whole song..

-This song is a bop.. I'm loving it..ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

-The song sounds so much better than I thought.. 

-I personally think they have 2NE1 vibes..

-Yeji is seriously so charming..

-The song sounds so f*cking great.. Or is it because I didn't expect much from the teaser..?

-The song doesn't sound JYP-ish at all..ㅋㅋ And that's really shocking..

-They chose a nice song for their debut..ㅠㅠ I really like that part where they go 'Don't stop me~~' 

-I have a feeling they're going to be really successful..

-They're like the female version of Got7..

-Whoa.. Look at the choreography. They need to be extra careful with their waist..

-Oh, the MV is really nice..ㅋㅋㅋ I'm already into this song..

-The song is very upbeat, I like it..

-The actual song sounds so much better than the teaser and Yeji is so freaking pretty..

-I don't know.. I think it's going to take some time before the song finally grows on me..

-They're all beautiful but some of them look similar, I can't tell them apart..ㅠㅠ

-It has only been 10 minutes since the MV was released and they already have 300 comments here.. (NB: it has been 1hr since the release and this post has over 800 comments rn)
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Recommendations of K-Drama that has no love line/dating scenes

I don't like dramas about love or relationships

The dramas that I really enjoyed watching are:

Memory Highlights
The Queen's Classrooms
Age of Youth
SKY Castle

Even if they have love lines/dating scenes, it's not the main focus of the whole drama
Like Signal and Age of Youth, the love lines/dating scenes don't affect the overall drama..
Please recommend me some more of dramas like this..

-My Mister..

-Stranger, Life on Mars..

-The Lady in Dignity..

-Stranger, Tunnel, Life, Sign, Live, Dear My Friends..

-Children of Nobody..

-Strangers, TEN.. Most of OCN's dramas have no love lines/dating scenes..

-Try watching Life on Mars and The Guest..

-This is kind of an old drama, but I'm recommending Golden Time..

-God's Gift: 14 Days..

-Miss Hammurabi..


-The Village: Achiara's Secret..

-Punch and Chief Kim!

-If you don't mind old dramas, I'm recommending The Devil..

-Squad 38..

-Bad Guys/Stranger/The Village: Achiara's Secret..

-Quiz from God..

-Behind The White Tower, Life on Mars, Achiara, The Guest
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The secret message behind the ending cut of ITZY's M/V Teaser

The secret message behind the ending cut of ITZY's M/V Teaser


The finger gun pose that comes in Day6's Shoot Me
This pose can be seen in the M/V of Shoot Me (the female lead character in the M/V is Shin Ye Eun), and the members are also doing the same pose for the album's photocards.


Stray Kids' greeting signature


JYP's legendary girl group, Wonder Girl's Tell Me. Sohee's 'Omona' signature pose.


The signature pose that Got7 has for Look, the title song of Eyes On You album.


Twice's Signal signature pose

-Oh.. This sounds legit..

-But why..? Are they trying to say 'We're from JYP. We're the youngest group in JYP' with those signatures..?

-Some of these looks forced and some of them actually sound legit..

-Is it really the secret message..? I'm quite convinced with this theory, but at the same time it actually sounds forced.. It's too meaningless to be called 'secret message', and I wonder what's the reason behind JYP putting these secret message..?

-I don't think this sounds forced..ㅋㅋㅋ It's so fascinating to see this kind of post..

-What's the meaning behind these secret messages, though..? That they're JYP's rookie girl group..?

-I don't think that was their intention behind doing those poses, though..

-I think the OP is just making up things..ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

-I think they're just doing random poses and it happens to be the poses that JYP is really into and uses for some other groups in the company..

-Are they trying to say, 'We're different from our seniors'.. something like that?? 'Our poses may look the same, but we're different'..?

-So what's the meaning behind these secret messages..?

-I think this sounds legit, but I wonder what's the meaning behind these poses..? 

-What about Miss A and 2PM..?

-I don't know what this is about but I really like fan-theories so I'm reading this post..

-That's fascinating..
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What song that comes up inside your head when the name 'Seventeen' is mentioned?

I think it's different for everyone.
For me, it's Pretty U
I'm not a fan of Seventeen, but I personally that song suits Seventeen's concept the most..

And Mingyu is so f*cking handsome..


1. [+268][-2] Very Nice!

2. [+153][-9] I'm a fan of other boy group, but anyway.. I first got to know Seventeen through their song, Pretty U, and they have a lot of great side-tracks so I listen to their songs a lot. I also like Clap and Change Up too, but my favorite song of theirs is I Don't Wanna Cry..

3. [+119][-10] Was it Our Dawn is Hotter Than Day..? The group I stan once named their radio show after Seventeen's song and I also really like how the song sounds so sensual. I think that's why it comes up to my mind when the name Seventeen is mentioned..ㅎㅎ

4. [+64][-3] Very Nice and I Don't Wanna Cry.. Even the kids, and also my guy friends, who have no interest in idols know these songs..

5. [+51][-2] Getting Closer?? Is it right.. I really like that part that goes 'Eum..! Ah..!'ㅋㅋㅋ

6. [+46][-0] Pretty U

7. [+42][-1] Their song that has the most public recognition is Very Nice, isn't it??

8. [+42][-0] Mansae!

9. [+36][-0] Still Lonely. I still remember how I felt when I first listened that song around 2 years ago.. I still listen to that song a lot, I like it.. And this is a gif of my bias..

10. [+34][-1] I started paying attention to Seventeen after watching their stage of Pretty U, because I thought the song suits their concept really well. But the first song that comes up to my mind id Mansae..ㅎㅎ

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The harmonisation of Twice member's faces are seriously amazing..

Nayeon's lively and fresh beauty that reminds you of fruits

Mina's elegant and fancy beauty

Momo's pure beauty that looks like the manga character you would see in comics

Chaeyoung's charismatic beauty

Tzuyu is the epitome of Goddess, the icon of beauty

Jihyo's Disney-Princess-like beauty

Dahyun's monolids make her look adorably and beautiful

Jungyeon looks both beautiful and handsome at the same time

Sana looks both sexy and cute at the same time


1. [+65][-4] Twice's face morph!ㅋㅋ

2. [+64][-3] Their full-group picture in the end of the post seriously looks amazing..

3. [+48][-2] Twice is the best..ㅠㅠ They're like a garden full of flowers..

4. [+37][-3] The fact that Momo was brought back to the line up by Park Jinyoung is seriously God's work.. Even though she used to get a lot of hate because of it, at first..

5. [+33][-1] I'm not a fan of Twice, but I have never seen a group like Twice before..

6. [+32][-1] You can like anyone from Twice and no one would think you're weird for liking her..

7. [+25][3] All of them are beautiful and they seem to get along really well..ㅠㅠ

8. [+21][-2] How did Park Jinyoung manage to gather all of these beautiful girls in one group..?

9. [+18][-1] All of them are gorgeous..ㅠㅠㅠ

10. [+17][-3] 9 legends!!

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Let's play an upvote/downvote game based on our ideal types!

Starting from me!

Guy with bangs down vs bangs up


1. [+731][-88] A sly guys vs a goofy guy

2. [+649][-236] Guy who's good at math vs Guy who has a beautiful handwritng

3. [+615][-264] Guy with pale skin vs Guy with bronzed skin

4. [+520][-36] Guy with black hair (Model student style) vs Guy with dyed hair (Idol style)

5. [+479][-93] Guy who smells like fabric softener vs Guy who smells like men perfume

6. [+473][-14] Guy with toned body vs Guy with chubby body

7. [+426][-16] Guy with silver watch vs gold watch

8. [+404][-122] Guy who plays piano vs guitar

9. [+349][-71] Guy who majors in science vs social studies

10. [+325][-143] Guy who says 'I bought this because I thought of you on my way here' vs Guy who says nothing and puts the gift in front of you with a shy expression
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187-188cm and 177cm

Seventeen's Mingyu is 187cm tall (In a recent fansign, he said he's 188cm)
Seventeen's Hoshi is 177cm tall

Two-shots of these two cuties..ㅎㅎㅎㅎ


1. [+103][-0] Hoshi and Mingyu Cute Ver.

2. [+82][-0] It's because there are 8 members in Seventeen who are taller than Hoshi (Mingyu, Jun, Wonwoo, The8, DK, Coups, Jeonghan, Vernon).. But he's actually quite tall and has a really great body proportions, not to mention that he has a really cute face..ㅋㅋ And on top of that, his face is seriously really small..ㄷㄷ

3. [+68][-0] 187cm Mingyu + 182 cm Jun and Wonwoo + 180cm The8 + 179cm DK + 178cm S.Coups, Vernon, and Jeonghan + 177cm Hoshi and Joshua + 174cm Seungkwan + 170cm Dino + 164cm Woozi

4. [+52][-0] 187cm tall puppy preventing his Hyung from having an 'idol moment'ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

5. [+40][-0] Soonyoung's body proportions..ㅠㅠ

6. [+37][-0] I also thought Hoshi was 170cm-ish at first..ㅋㅋㅋ I think he looks shorter than he actually is because of is cute image..

7. [+36][-0] You can see the height difference between him and Boo Seungkwan (blonde guy) who's 174cm..ㅎㅎ I couldn't believe he's over 170cm too at first.. And anyway, he has a really great body proportions..

8 .[+36][-0] I have never stanned any idol group before, but I really like guy who looks like Hoshi..ㅋㅋ He's not the flower boy that everyone is crazy for, he's sexy.. and yet cute at the same time.. He somehow reminds me of Infinite's Kim Sunggyu, I really like guys like that..ㅠㅠ

9. [+35][-0] Whoa, Seventeen's members are really tall.. I've always known that Mingyu and Jeonghan are tall, and I don't know why but I thought Vernon was 173cm-ish at first.. All of then have small faces and great body proportions, I thought they were taller than I thought.. Turns out that they're actually tall, I'm sorry..ㅎㅎ

10. [+34][-0] They look cute in this gif..ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

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