Monday, August 15, 2016

Do you have any songs that get you goosebumps?

Do you have any songs that somehow get you goosebumps?
I know a really scary song.. It's not because of the lyrics..
It's just scary without any reasons..
The title is 'Life's Carousel'..
I don't know what kind of song is that.. I just can't get the feeling of the song..
The way it gets louder in some part is really scary..
It makes me think that life is like.. a merry go round? just like the title..
Does that mean we have to go through hardships for the rest of our lives..? Something like that..


1. [+296][-15] IU's Red Shoes.. The part in the end that goes 'Again', the one that gets faster and faster before the song ends..

2. [+277][-21] Red Velvet's Ice Cream.. I'm okay with the ending, but the 'Lalalalala' in the beginning never fail to get me some goosebumps..

3. [+186][-8] Hitchhiker Eleven.. F*ck F*ck F*ck.. I think I might get a mental illness from listening to that song.. Go search it up on Youtube..

4. [+149][-100] No one asked for your favorite group's title songs..

5. [+124][-3] Ah.. What is thisㅠㅠㅠㅠ The songs that are usually fine to me are becoming scarier as I read this post f*ck f*ck f*ck it's all the OP's fault.. 

6. [+121][-4] To my ex girlfriend-San E

7. [+97][-3] Sunny Hill's Midnight Circus? Anyone knows this song..? The MV is so creepy as hell..

8. [+91][-112] One of Exo's songs titled Heart Attack.. Especially the interlude part.. I can hear some weird voices, it's so scary..

9. [+90][-6] Lovelyz's Doll.. The song is really nice but it's a little bit scary.. But still, the song is really nice so I still listen to it..

10. [+67][-3] F(x)'s Shadow, the interlude part.. It has the feeling of dolls talking to each other, it's somehow scary.. (I really like this song SO much and this scares me:(((()
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Kindergarten's homework these days..

My dad's car
Please introduce your dad's cool car to your friend:)
(Insert the car's picutre here.^^)
Please submit it until Tuesday~^^ 
-What is the car's name?
-What is the plate number of the car?
-What color is your dad's car?
-How did  you feel when you first rode that car?
-Who do you ride the car often with?
-What is the most memorable place you went to with that car?

It's.. a little bit too much.. Do they have to give those kids homework like that?


1. [+457][-6] Why did they give homework like that.. There must be some parents who don't own any cars..

2. [+410][-3] I think the teacher wasn't raised properly by their own parents.. How could a teacher have a mindset like that..? That's so pathetic..

3. [+378][-5] The kids must be doing it without any thoughts because they're still young, but what about their parents' hearts? They must be feeling so sorry for not being able to give their kids the best even if they want to..

4. [+148][-0] Why don't they just ask the price of the carㅋㅋㅋㅋ

5. [+142][-1] I'm so disappointed.. The fact that the teacher thinks that all of her/his students have a father is already a mistake.. I don't know, it's maybe because my dad has passed away, but seeing things like that really makes me sad and gloomy..

6. [+107][-1] But why do they ask for the police number of the car? Seems like the teacher is trying to commit a crime..

7. [+87][-0] It's really obvious that the teacher is trying to divide between the kids who are living well and the ones who don't..

8. [+70][-2] What about the kids whose fathers have passed away? What about the kids whose fathers don't have any cars? What about the kids whose fathers have passed away and don't have any cars!!!!!!!!!

9. [+57][-9] Kindergarten's teachers these days are no better than high school students..

10. [+14][-0] My parents don't have any cars.. This kind of thing really upsets me..

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