Wednesday, August 24, 2016

A must-try hairstyle for every youngest members in SM's groups

Do you want to fight, SM?


1. [+169][-3] Sehun has grown up..
2. [+130][-7] But at least Sehun's hair is not as bad as the others.. What are you going to do if you had a hair like that SM Rookies kid's..

3. [+88][-7] Lee Taemin is so freaking cute..

4. [+41][-0] Our Taemin.. He used to take a lot of selcas back then..
5. [+39][-0] The last kid usually looks like this.. His hair ruins it all..

6. [+34][-0] It's Sehun during Mama eraㅠㅠㅠ
7. [+33][-1] Ah.. Why does Taemin look so cuteㅠㅠㅠ

8. [+29][-0] This reminds me of something.. SM Managers used to call Taemin as the Angel version of Heechul during his debut daysㅋㅋㅋ

9. [+22][-0] It's been a long time since the last time I saw Taemin with that hairㅋㅋㅋ Was that taken from his middle-high-school days?ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

10. [+23][-0] I'm an SM stan.. I thought I had some problems with my eyes when I first saw that picture of himㅋㅋㅋ
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Who is your ideal type among idols?

If you had to pick an ideal type among idols.. Who would you pick?
Leaving their personalities or behaviours, just judging from their faces..
For me, it's Hoshi..


1. [+339][-46] Seventeen's Mingyu and Exo's Sehun..

2. [+268][-81] It's Exo's Suho.. For your information, I'm not an Exo's fan..

3. [+217][-46] I always think that he's such a nice person everytime I see him treating his fans nicely.. Nam Woohyun is my ideal type..<3

4. [+125][-16] His personality, his face, his voice.. Everything about him is my type.. F*ckㅠㅠ

5. [+106][-13] Seventeen's Dokyeomㅜㅇㅜ..

6. [+98][-20] Someone with a nice smile..

7. [+97][-37]  Jimin.. Someone who can be both sexy and cute..

8. [+84][-7] I'm not a Seventeen's fan but if I had to pick.. It would be Seventeen's Dokyeom..

9. [+81][-17] Chanyeol

10. [+76][-16] .

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Dawon is the real victim in WJSN after their company added Yoo Yeonjung to the group..

I like Yoo Yeonjung, but I really feel sorry towards the other WJSN's members after their company decided to add her into the group..
The members who used to be the center of the group are being pushed away, and their parts are becoming less now..
Even the main vocal of the group, Dawon, doesn't have part as much as the lead vocal in the other groups do..
The difference are so obvious and noticeable..
And in Girls Spirit these days, Yoo Yeonjung is the only one who does high parts..
I know it is because it might be their only chance to get WJSN more popularity this time by using Yoo Yeonjung's name..
I can sense that their company are dividing their parts in their recent song like that so Yoo Yeonjung can appear more in Girls Spirit, it's not like Dawon can't do high parts..
It's true that from the company's point of view, WJSN can get more popularity because of Yoo Yeonjung, that's why they're working really hard now..
But I really feel sorry towards the other members of WJSN..


1. [+155][-14] But WJSN indeed got more spotlights these days, it's all because of Yoo Yeonjung.. I also can understand the company's strategy by using Yoo Yeonjung's name to get more popularity. Now that they already got more popularity, I think they will divide their parts equally in the next comeback.. And the company will also start to push the other members one by one, I hope so..! If you take a closer look, there are actually a lot of pretty girls in the group. I knew this group thanks to Yoo Yeonjung!

2. [+206][-7] But honestly.. Isn't it the only way for them to get more popularity?? By using Yoo Yeonjung's name??

3. [+154][-0] Yeah.. There are too much members in the group, I can't tell them apart..

4. [+61][-3] For me, I feel like they're just wasting Yoo Yeonjung's talent.. For a group with a lot of members like this, their talents actually are not that outstanding, the company was in a rush to get them more popularity.. They should've done something like a sub-unit or song project, or something like that..

5. [+40][-2] For a person who has already been a fan since their debut, I can see why their company pushes Yeonjung so hard like that.. Firstly, it's because she already got a large fandom and popularity.. There's nothing the company can do except pushing Yeonjung real hard to get WJSN name out there.. And once the group's fandom started to grow, the company will let them have a fair and equal parts.. 

6. [+27][-2] ...? They should thank Yeonjung for getting their name out there.. There are a lot of people who knows WJSN because of her.. In another word, Yeonjung is their source of power..

7. [+23][-2] Yeah.. If it wasn't for Yeonjung, I would've not known WJSN for the rest of my life.. It's because of Yeonjung, I watch their MVs, listen to their songs repeatedly, etc.. Their songs are so nice and the members are so pretty.. Yeonjung helped them to get their name known, so isn't it obvious that they should at least give her a lot of parts in their song..?

8. [+21][-2] I'm sorry to say this.. But judging by their stage in Girls Spirit, Yeonjung's talents are more outstanding than Dawon's..

9. [+20][-1] Why do I feel like the real victim here is Yoo Yeunjung..? If I was her, I wouldn't want to be added into that group.. ever. There are way too much members in that group and it's not like they have something that's different from another girl groups nowadays..

10. [+20][-2] This might sounds random, but WJSN's new song is really addictive..

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