Sunday, October 15, 2017

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The post that Suho uploaded to Exo's official page today


I spent some quality time with good people.
I miss you, Exo-L.
It's suddenly getting chilly, so don't hesitate
to start wear your padding and be careful to not catch a cold.
We'll meet soon.
I love you.

The pictures that were uploaded by the actors who went on the vacation together with him:


-He takes great pictures..ㅋㅋㅋ And the letter he left for the fans is seriously so beautiful.. Seems like he enjoyed his vacation a lot, he looks happy..

-Amazing.. Where did he go, anyway?

-He looks very handsome..

-Look at the picture they took while eating pizza.. Are they wearing the exactly same clothes, just in different colors?? That's cuteㅋㅋㅋ

-Who are those people..?

-He's very handsome, and on top of that, the pictures he took are really stunning.. I really want to go there tooㅠㅠ

-Whoa.. I wonder what kind of camera did he use to take those pictures.. The quality is seriously no joke..

-I wonder what kind of application does he use to edit his pictures.. 

-Whoa.. He looks so freaking handsome in the last picture..ㅋㅋㅋ

-Crazy, he looks absolutely stunning..ㅋㅋㅋ I wish for an endless happiness for him..

-I wonder what's the brand of those pink sneakers he wears in the picture, I want to get one too..

-He has a really great skin..

-I'm literally going crazy because of the last picture.. He looks very handsome there..

-Suho is such a cutie..ㅠㅠ

-So freaking handsome.. His skin literally glows..

-I wish someone could tell me the filter he's using for the first and second picture in this post..ㅠㅠ

-So freaking handsome..
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San E gets criticized for behaving inappropriately towards Red Velvet's Irene (Multiple sources)

Source 1:
[San E pointing at Irene while singing Sour Grapes]

The lyrics when he pointed at Irene go like:

'For stupid guys, if we scan you roughly, they will make a loan, for you everyone'

San E making fun of the fans who were staring at Irene;

He's really rude;;

-What the heck is he doing..

-Did he really do that to make fun of her fans?? That's a big no;;

-That's totally something that middle-aged men would do..

-That's really rude..

-He's such a loser..

-Why did he put his arm on her shoulder.. It's not like they're close to each other or anything..

-Irene seems to be really startled and taken aback..

-Look at how surprised Irene is in the last gif..

-Sour Grapes is a really pervy song, thoughㅋ

-Hip hop loser thinking he's all swaggy and stuffs..

-Did he really have to put his arm on her shoulder?? That's ridiculous..

-What on the world is he doing at that age??ㅋㅋ

-The level of Hip Hop loser.. So f*cking disgusting..

-Crazy.. Why did he do that, f*ck..

-I don't like him..

-I don't know about the song, but one thing I'm sure is that he's really rude for resting his arm on her shoulder..

-I've always hated that song..


-Whoa, this is crazy.. Was it necessary for him to do physical contact with her..? And why are the lyrics so disgusting?? Ugh..

Source 2:
[The reason why people think what San E did towards Irene was rude]

Irene was greeting her fans and then he suddenly touched her and made fun of her fans.

(Title: Irene's fans must be having a mental breakdown by now. The lyrics to San E's Sour Grapes are very dirty and yet he sang that song while pointing at Irene..')

It was this part: 'Men would put their apartment on loans just for your gaze'
And there's also a line that goes, 'Look at her picture, auto-reaction to make a 'tent' '

And this was the part he sang while pointing at Irene:

'For stupid guys, if we scan you roughly, they will make a loan, for you everyone'


The full part of the lyrics he sang while pointing at Irene:

'I'll give you a clap, I admit that you are my style.
Your smile is so beautiful.
I was about to picture you.
For stupid guys,
if we scan you roughly,
they will make a loan,
for you everyone.

Male followers in your Instagram
Look at her picture,
auto-reaction to make a 'tent'
So bald as a sexually advanced country
No cover, no mosaic. Of course no no.

Ay bay bay, better looking with eyes
Become a homo sapiens when standing next to you,
back to back.
You so fly like a crazy kite in the sky
I will let you fly freely, horray'

-Ugh.. What a loser..

-I hate him.. Especially the fact that he rudely touches other person's body with no permission..

-I've always hated him..

-Ugh.. He looks like an insane jerk..

-I personally think that's very very rude.. I wouldn't be able to control my facial expressions if I were her..

-That's just disgusting;; So are the lyrics, and also the people who think that this is acceptable..

-I didn't know the lyrics were that dirty;;

-Irene looks very startled at the sudden physical touch;; Her fans must be really mad to see that..

-This is why being a female idol is an extreme job;; Irene, you suffered a lotㅠㅠ

-Hul.. This is just as bad as sexual harassment..

-I mean.. They're not in a close relationship.. Does it make sense for him to do that in their first encounter?

-Anyway, Irene looks very beautiful..

-Isn't this considered as sexual harassment..?

-Look at that f*cker.. Look at how he made Irene startled, f*ck..

-He seriously doesn't act like his age.. What does he think he's doing to Irene..

-As expected from Hip Hop loser..

-I feel really bad towards Irene..ㅠㅠ

-F*ck.. Irene must've hated that a lot..
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