Monday, November 7, 2016

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The thing I like about Irene

She doesn't hide her expressions just because she's a female idol, she expresses everything she feels through her face.. I like her because she's really honest..

This one is her expression when the male MC nags the actress for trying to look pretty on the screen (correct me if I'm wrong):

Her expression when the director smokes in front of her:

Her expression when one of the MCs threw his shirt to her and said "Hey, iron this!" after finding out that Irene likes to iron clothes:

The last one:
I saw Vitamin today and there was a guest who got a check up, her weight was revealed and it was around 130kg..? The audience were screaming, and some were laughing, making fun of the guest .. But Irene was the only one who didn't, she looked as if she just stepped on a poop (The OP saying that Irene was the only one who's not making fun of the guest, she didn't find it funny).. I fell for her charms again today..


1. [+153][-7] She knows how to express herself through her expressions without having to offend the other person or cross the lines.. She's so cool.. The world needs more idols like her..

 2. [+115][-3] I agree.. And she also treats her fans really nice.. She would always greet them until she can't see all of them.. And the staffs who have worked with her before also said that Irene is a very well-mannered girl, and on top of that, she also has a very pretty face..

3. [+98][-2] She's so cool..

4. [+56][-0] This is just my opinion, I think it's because she debuted at not-so young age.. That's why she behaves very mature and well-mannered.. She might have learned about giving big reactions on variety shows (so that she looks more out-standing and fun) during her trainee days, but she knows that she might offend the guest if she does thatㅠㅠ I like her because she thinks before she acts..

5. [+56][-1] All of Red Velvet's members are just as honest as her.. Irene shows it through her expressions, while Joy shows it through words.. Red Velvet is a group of clever and independent women..

6. [+52][-4] I can't judge someone's personality based on these pictures, but she has this certain image.. She looks like she would be a very nice wife and mother in the futureㅋㅋ

7. [+38][-0] She looks so cool in the last explanation..

8. [+37][-1] This is what you call with Girl Crush.. She thinks before she acts, she's not a thoughtless doll-looking, pretty woman.. By the way, who's that jerk who threw his shirt at her? I'm so mad.. I know that's just a variety show and he did it for fun, but he didn't have to be that rude.. And this is Irene holding the fan's skirt which was going to blow up because of the wind!

9. [+37][-1] Irene is a really polite and well-mannered woman..

10. [+30][-0] This unnie is so coolㅠㅠㅠ

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Groups with no scandalous/controversial pasts

I can only think of SHINee and Red Velvet.. Tell me the name of groups that have no scandalous or controversial pasts here.


1. [+206][-9] SHINee, VIXX, BTS, Infinite, Beast.

2. [+160][-22] SHINee, VIXX, Mamamoo, BTS.

3. [+144][-1] Infinite, Beast, SHINee, Red Velvet, BTOB, BTS, VIXX.

4. [+58][-144] Armys are at it again..

5. [+53][-23] BTS.

6. [+52][-2] Infinite, BTS, VIXX, BTOB, Mamamoo

7. [+43][-2] I think it's SHINee, VIXX, BTS, BTOB, Red Velvet, Mamamoo, Oh My Girl?

8. [+41][-0] Infinite, Beast.

9. [+38][-2] Look at BTS' antis.. They must be really busy looking for any scandalous pasts, but I bet they can't find anyㅋㅋㅋ

10. [+37][-1] BTS, Red Velvet, B1A4, Infinite, Apink.

11. [+37][-4] I was about to write Exo here but I can't because of a certain member..

12. [+37][-0] Infinite.

13. [+36][-2] VIXX, BTOB, B1A4..

14. [+34][-1] I've never seen any posts about BTS' pasts on Pann.. And even if there's any, it's usually about something good instead of scandalous or controversial..

15. [+28][-1] Kim Sunggyu is such a fraud.. He was active as a student president and he was in the band of his school.. His teacher even adviced him to be a civil public servant since he's really smart.. He used to rank in the top 10 in his class when he wasn't focused on his studies, and when he really focused on his studies.. He usually would rank 2nd out of all the students in his entire year..ㅠㅠㅠ Kim Sunggyuㅠㅠ

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An idol that Lee Sooman casted directly by himself.

is GD. 
Lee Sooman saw him on a dance competition and casted him right away.
He was around 6~8 years old when Lee Sooman casted him.

GD and his family went to a ski resort for a vacation and he happened to compete on a dance competition that was held by some middle-aged men, he won the first place in that competition. Lee Sooman was present in the same ski resort and saw his talents, so he casted GD to be his trainee in SM. He trained for around 5 years, H.O.T was starting to become a trending boygroup and S.E.S, BoA, and Shinhwa were all still trainees at that time. 

"SM wasn't a big company when I signed a contract with them. I didn't train everyday, I usually come to train once a month, sometimes only once in three months. The staffs who worked in SM at that time wouldn't even remember me. I was only outstanding when I'm dancing, I was just another ordinary kid when I'm not. I looked like a mischievous boy back then when I was still young. I was only good at dancing, and my singing skills were bad, it was a hard case for the company. I used to play on Shinhwa hyungs' laps back then, I bet they don't even remember that now. *smiles*"

Eric: "I remember when we used to hang around and play with baby GD. It's really fascinating to see him as an adult on TV nowㅎ For you, you still look exactly the same~ keep in touch ma homeboy!

-Wow.. I can't imagine it.. But I'm really curious how GD would look like by now if he debuted in SM..

-I think GD will have a lot of songs that have similar vibes with 'Who You' if he had debuted with SM..

-Hul.. I really want to see the interactions between Shinhwa and GD..ㅠㅠㅠ

-Ah.. He used to play on Shinhwa's laps..ㅠㅠㅠ

-It's cute how Eric calls small GD as 'baby GD'ㅋㅋㅋ

-Playing on Shinhwa's laps?ㅠㅠ Just imagine how cute would it be..


-Whoa.. I'm so curious with SM's version of GD..

-I think GD will be doing just fine if he had debuted with SM.. I'm really curious how he would look like by now if he debuted in SM..

-I can't even imagine how GD would look like if he debuted in SM..

-Superstars are always out-standing no matter where they go..

-SM's version of GD.. It would be a lie if I say that I'm not curious about it..

-Whoa.. SM's version of GD.. I think SM would let GD do whatever he wants.. just like how SM treats Heechul..

-Hul.. It's my first time hearing this..

-That's really cute..

-SM's version of GD would be as stunning as the current GD right now..

-Oh.. As expected from Lee Sooman..

-Whoa.. It's really strange.. to imagine GD debuting in SM.. It's just.. really strange, I can't even imagine that..

-As expected from GD.. *thumbs up*

-He would have a whole different vibes if he debuted in SM..
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Laboum's Yoojung tries out a new hairstyle!

+Her hair during Shooting Love+

-Whoa.. Look at her aegyo sal.. It's so pretty..

-She's so prettyㅎㅎ

-Is she a doll? She's seriously so pretty.. Ah, I love you so much, Kim Yoojung..

-Whoa.. Her whole image changes..

-I'm more curious about that girl with light ash blonde hair in the back..

-Hul.. The color looks so pretty..

-That looks like the outfit that Japanese girlgroups would wear..

-I heard she's really good at singing..

-Huk.. Awesome! Is Laboum going to have another comeback soon?

-She has a really pretty vocal colorㅠㅠ

-She looks like Han Seungyeonㅠㅠ She's so cuteㅠㅠ

-Hul.. Oh my goodness.. She looks so pretty in the third picture.. I think it's the best picture out of all pictures in this post..

-I thought her hairstyle during Shooting Love was the prettiest hairstyle she has ever had, but she unexpectedly looks good with this hairstyle as wellㅠㅠ

-She looks so pretty with that hairstyle..

-She looks like the youngest member in the group with that hairstyleㅠㅠ I can't believe that she's the oldest member in the group..

-She looks like a character you usually find on mangas..ㅠㅠ

-Yoojung-ah.. I love you..

-Hul.. She's so prettyㅠ

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A female idol who doesn't like fried chicken and pizza

is Krystal. 

During a photoshoot interview, Jung sisters were given two options and they had to pick one.
One of the options were "Pizza or Chicken"
And then Jessica said, "You don't like both, right?" and Krystal said that she still likes chicken more than pizza. So it's chicken>pizza for her.

-That's probably how she stays slim like that..

-Now I know the secret behind her beautiful figure.. Well for me, I can't live without Pizza and Chicken.. 

-Whoa.. Unbelievable.. I want to go back to the days when I didn't know how Pizza and Chicken taste like..

-Whoa.. I'm going to reflect on myself..

-*puts down the snack I was going to eat*

-I got this right.. I knew it would be about Soojung!

-Soojung-ah.. Seems like we don't match at all.. But still, I'm happy that you chose chicken over pizza..

-Me tooㅋㅋㅋ I don't like both pizza and chicken..

-No wonder..

-*cries* *depressed* *craves for some pizza*

-I just ate pizza earlier.................

-I don't like chicken and pizza as well...! Seems like this is what you call with destiny.. I prefer beef more than those two!

-I want to hate chicken and pizza too..

-This is why Soojung and I are different..

-Me too.. I don't like chicken or pizza but why doesn't my body look like hers?

-I wonder what kind of food she likes..

-So it's possible for a human to not like chicken and pizza..?

-*sighs* I just ordered a fried chicken........

-I love pizza so much.. I could eat pizza everyday if I had to..

-I just came back from buying fried chicken when I read this postㅠㅠ Soojung-ahㅠㅠ

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