Friday, March 15, 2019

Updates on #BurningSunGate

Thread of what happened on March 15th:

-JJY and Seungri finished the investigation
-Lee Jonghyun admits to illegal videos distribution and apologizes. However, he will not be retiring or withdrawing from his band. He will be reflecting and halt his activites as celebrity instead. Fans are demanding him to be removed from the band
-The Instagram account of the first reporter to inform about Burning Sun case has disappeared
-A club in Gangnam with famous celebrities as investors are revealed to have 'Elementary School Call Girls' service
-Park Hanbyul will not be withdrawing from her drama despite her husband's controversy
-Darren Wang denies involvement in the scandal
-The police in JJY-Seungri's chatroom revealed to be a senior superintendent
-JJY's behavior before his press conference in 2016
-Choi Jonghoon will be summoned for investigation on upcoming March 16th
-2D1N to halt broadcasts and production
-Police searched for JJY and Burning Sun's staff, Kim, houses
-Yoo Inseok suspected to have offered JJY a sexual entertainment
-JJY involved in prostitution overseas
(to be updated)
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Seungri? I feel a bit sorry for him

Did they just say something? Or was it fart?

-It's very shocking to actually hear people thinking 'illegally and secretly filmed videos' as just porns..

-These are not manipulated..?

-They even showed their faces.. How are they going to live their lfie now..

-I hope you guys would be born as women in your next life..ㅠㅠ

-Even fart would be offended to hear that..

-I see humans, but not humanity.. This is seriously so sad..

-It's not porn, it's illegal videos.. I'm sure I'm not the only one who actually understands that, right?? Look at them claiming 'illegal videos' as 'porns'..

-You totally understand it?? Even when it was secretly filmed with no consent, and it's illegal??

-Please don't put English subtitle in the videos.. It's really embarrassing..

-Wow.. They're embarrassing the whole country..

-It's not just an average porn..

-Are they Koreans..??

-Filming in secret without any consent, watching it, distributing it = criminal. Seems like there are still a lot of people who fails in understanding this. For you, it may just be sharing videos to your friends, but for the victims.. They would live the rest of their life in trauma..

-The existence of those guys in the picture are harming my life..

-How could they say such bullshit..? 

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Trainees from Class A are revealed

방금 공개된 프로듀스x101 연습생 A반 | 인스티즈
방금 공개된 프로듀스x101 연습생 A반 | 인스티즈
AAP. Y Ent: Kang Hyunsoo
Music Works: Kim Gook Heon
Brand New Music: Kim Sihoon
T.O.P Media: Kim Wooseok
Source Music: Kim Hyunbin
Starship: Moon Hyunbin
NEST: Park Yoonsol
DSP Media: Son Dongpyo
Music Works: Song Yuvin
DSP Media: Lee Junhyeok
T.O.P Media: Lee Jinhyeok
Plan A: Choi Byungchan
No agency: Choi Soohwan
Plan A: Han Seungwoo
Starship: Ham Wonjin

-Starship has always participated in every seasonsㅋㅋ

-Myteen's Son Yuvin..??

-Hul.. What is Up10tion doing there..?


-Hul.. Victon..

-Where can I watch this..?

-Is that Kim Gook Heon from MixNine..?

-Song Yuvin is participating in another survival audition show after Superstar K..ㅠㅠㅠ

-Song Yuvin..? He was in Superstar K, then made his debut, and now he's here.. I feel sorry for him..

-Hul.. Victon..? Byungchan and Seungwoo..?

-Two members of Up10tion, two members of Myteen, and two members of Victon.. All of them are in class A..

-Byungchan-ie, why are you there..

-Wooseok-ah.. I'm on my way to vote for you, let's become the center..

-I don't know anymore if this show is made for trainees, or for idols to re-debut now..

-Hul.. There are a lot of familiar faces..
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Produce X 101 theme song is 'Jima' .. Performance + digital song is coming out

__jima means don't ___

-Whoa is class X like class F in other seasons..?
  ㄴI heard class X is even lower than F..

-Jima..? I'm looking forward to it..

-Jima..? What is it.. In the other seasons, they're telling public to pick themselves.. It's not like they're going to say 'Don't pick me' or anything like that..

-So are we going to watch trainees from class X debuting now..?

-Jima.. Don't do any evil-editing. Don't watch their profile, in case you'll get attached to the trainees and end up watching the show. Don't watch the show, once you're in it there will be no end.. 

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