Friday, March 15, 2019

Updates on #BurningSunGate

Thread of what happened on March 15th:

-JJY and Seungri finished the investigation
-Lee Jonghyun admits to illegal videos distribution and apologizes. However, he will not be retiring or withdrawing from his band. He will be reflecting and halt his activites as celebrity instead. Fans are demanding him to be removed from the band
-The Instagram account of the first reporter to inform about Burning Sun case has disappeared
-A club in Gangnam with famous celebrities as investors are revealed to have 'Elementary School Call Girls' service
-Park Hanbyul will not be withdrawing from her drama despite her husband's controversy
-Darren Wang denies involvement in the scandal
-The police in JJY-Seungri's chatroom revealed to be a senior superintendent
-JJY's behavior before his press conference in 2016
-Choi Jonghoon will be summoned for investigation on upcoming March 16th
-2D1N to halt broadcasts and production
-Police searched for JJY and Burning Sun's staff, Kim, houses
-Yoo Inseok suspected to have offered JJY a sexual entertainment
-JJY involved in prostitution overseas
(to be updated)