Friday, March 15, 2019

Produce X 101 theme song is 'Jima' .. Performance + digital song is coming out

__jima means don't ___

-Whoa is class X like class F in other seasons..?
  ㄴI heard class X is even lower than F..

-Jima..? I'm looking forward to it..

-Jima..? What is it.. In the other seasons, they're telling public to pick themselves.. It's not like they're going to say 'Don't pick me' or anything like that..

-So are we going to watch trainees from class X debuting now..?

-Jima.. Don't do any evil-editing. Don't watch their profile, in case you'll get attached to the trainees and end up watching the show. Don't watch the show, once you're in it there will be no end..