Friday, April 15, 2016

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Goo Hara and Sulli's relationship

1. [+475][-62] Two attention seekers.
2. [+282][-30] Why does Goo Hara look younger than Sulli?
3. [+256][-51] Goo Hara really looks younger than she actually is..
4. [+0][-0] Sulli's skin is just so pretty.
5. [+3][-0] Did they do drugs..
6. [+0][-0] Pretty.. but don't use your faces like that
7. [+0][-0] Birds of a feather flock together..
8. [+0][-0] Hara-ya, don't hang around Sulli too much. I'm worried you'll turn into someone like her..
9. [+9][-10] Look at small Hara's face is.
10. [+11][-0] It looks like the picture wasn't taken at their house.
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Behind the scenes of IOI's first photoshoot.

1. [+303][-41] Chungha.......I really adore you..............your pose is really...............

2. [+215][-49] Whoa Jung Chaeyeon

3. [+92][-28] is IOI a rookie group?

4. [+0][-0] So prettyㅜㅜ 

5. [+0][-1] They don't have any character..

6. [+0][-0] Don't write it in hangul, but write it in alpha bet.. If you write it in hangul, it looks like a Japanese woman's name.

7. [+1][-0] There are a lot of girl groups. Just too much. If you want your idols to get known by a lot of people, there's only one way, reveal a lot of skin. Just like Girls Day did.
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Fashion trend that's all over the Instagram right now

-Reminds me of Kim Nayoung


-It's the type of fashion that will make my mom slap my back and say 'Wear your clothes properly!!'

-It's prettier than I thought it would be..

-I can't wear that kind of clothes because of acnes on my backㅎㅎ

-Pretty, but I wouldn't wear it.

-What if someone removes your buttons secretly from the back.. 
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Sulli and Choiza were seen on a date, clarifies the break up rumours.

-Sulli is really pale..

-Even from a distance, Sulli still looks pretty..

-The picture didn't come out well, but still, even her sillhouette looks pretty..

-I wish them the best, they look good together.

-So there was a break up rumour... But they look fine, though

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IOI's leaked outfit for their music video

It's really hard to pronounce the group's name.. (OP writes aoa in the title instead of ai o ai)
Am I the only one that finds this outfit is sloppy?

-It reminds me of Mr. Chu

-Can't you just pronounce it as IOI? It will confuse people.

-It looks like AOA's...

-OP, I think you should fix the title.. AOA is for AOA. I'm sorry if this offended you! The other fans might misunderstand..

-Is there anyway to pronounce this group name easily beside aoa? Like ang o ang or whatever..

-Can't we just shortened AOA as e-o-e (ei-o-ei)
  -It's not right to change how we call a group just because of IOI.

-Ah, Choi Yoojung really looks cuteㅠㅠ

-I thought AOA has a comeback... 
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To Red Velvet's haters who said they're not popular among men.

Girl group popularity vote among soldiers:
1st: AOA with 95 votes.
2nd: Red Velvet with 51 votes.
3rd: Apink with 48 votes.
4th: EXID with 45 votes.
5th: Girls Day with 39 votes.
6th: Girls Generation with 38 votes.
7th: Twice with 37 votes.
8th: Girlfriend with 19 votes.
9th: Sistar with 17 votes.
10th: Mamamoo with 17 votes.

(Captured scenes from The Real Men, click original for more)

'I Live Alone' Crush reveals "Zico and I talk about Red Velvet a lot, saying that they're pretty"

'Yaman TV' Girl group that BTS wants to be close with? 'Red Velvet, SNSD'

'Hiphop rapper Gray saying that Seulgi is cute'
Grey recorded Radio Star and said the same things (that Seulgi is cute) three times.
I went watch the concert and he kept talking about Seulgi.
He asked if we watched Radio Star, and saying that Seulgi is really cute. And I think there was a scene where he locked arms with her, but got edited, so he complained about that.
The other AOMG member also reveald that after he went to Radio Star this is the third time he's telling the same story.

Jung Joonyoung with Irene cardboard cut.

'Because I really like Red Velvet's Joy a lot'

Verbal Jint's tweet.

The third most popular female idol , picked by male idols.

Kang Seungyoon talking about Red Velvet, saying that he's their fan.

CNBlue's Minhyuk


-So there's people saying that Red Velvet don't have male fans... (shocked)

 -It's my first time hearing Red Velvet is not popular among men.. Well, haters will keep searching someone to curse at.

-So AOA is ranked first...

-Usually there are a lot of male fans who come to their fansigns.

-Boys in my class will suffocate if you mention Red Velvet.

-You can't miss Descendants of the Sun when you're talking about Red Velvet's male fans..

-Grey is really cute... He somewhat looks good with Seulgi in Radio Star.

-My guy friends really like Irene...
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Hyeri's old-fashioned make up

Thanks for the comments!!
Firstly, I'm not saying that Hyeri is old-fashioned, but her make up is. 
I'm talking about her make up, look at my post, I didn't fix it at all.
(The OP gets hate because a lot of people misunderstand, below is her original post)

I'm sorry for the title..
But I really think that her make up is a little bit old-fashioned.
This is not a hate post, don't misunderstand.
I'll attach her recent photo and her photos during previous activities.

This was taken during Ring My Bell? era.

And here's her selfies

I'm going to tell all of you once again that this is not a hate post!
I admit that Hyeri is pretty.. but her make up makes her skin looks dry, and her eyebrows are like spider's legs. Her false eyelashes are too old-fashioned, and there are a lot of eye shadows with pretty colors everywhere these days..
Her lipstick also makes her lips becomes chaped and dry.

And of course, I only attach bad pictures in this post!

Hyeri is really pretty! But I hope her coordi and stylist pays attention to her too..
Hyeri, fighting!


1. [+52][-3] Agree.. These days it got a lot better but back then.. it's just too much. She filled her aegyosal too much, and wore lipsticks that's too flattering. Her make up was too consertive, but it's amazing that she actually looked good with it.

2. [+34][-3] Her make up back then really covered her whole face.

3. [+0][-0] She actually looks pretty if she changes her lipstick.

4. [+0][-1] Whoa, Hyeri is so glamour. (Koreans use glamour to define women with big breasts)

5. [+0][-0] It's because her skin tone is too dark.

6. [+0][-0] She always use the same lips product in every music video. Her skin tone is a little bit dark, so it's better to wear make up that suit her skin tone. I find people with dark skin is attractive, though..

7. [+1][-1] I swear I didn't know her make up was old-fashioned because she's too pretty.

8. [+0][-4] She's pretty but her nose...is a wasteㅠㅠ But still, she's pretty, cute, and good at acting. She will be acting in new drama, I'm really looking forward to it. I watched Reply 1988 and got surprised because of her acting skills.. God-Hyeri.

9. [+0][-0] These days her make up looks okay.

10. [+0][-0] Hyeri's skin is dark, but they kept on putting bling-blings on her face and also pink lipstick... That doesn't suit her at all.
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Joy's exploding visual

Now that spring is coming slowly, Joy is slowly becoming prettier...
Her visual is driving me crazy.
I showed this to my friend and they were like ..'Heol'
It's amazing how she has this cat looks+ puppy looks+ fox looks in one face.

1. [+56][-10] Joy-ya~~~ I really~~~~~like you so much I think I'm going grazy~~~♡

2. [+37][-10] She's only 21 years old but already matured so much....♡ ♡ 

3. [+34][-8] Ah my heart hurts... Her visual is not a joke...

4. [+0][-1] Why is everyone being like this on Pann? In real life she's really chubby and not that pretty, though.

5. [+1][-0] Joy is the prettiest girl in the world.. She has this freshness and sexiness all in one, really pretty.

6. [+3][-1] They say you'll get prettier if you're dating.. I don't care if she's dating or not, but please don't get any prettier, let my heart rest..

7. [+0][-0] Tell me the filter's name

8. [+5][-1] Must be good to have a pale skin...I envy her..

9. [+2][-3] Well, she's cute, but not amazingly pretty..

10. [+2][-2] It looks like she's really dating someone.... Her visual...

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