Tuesday, January 7, 2020

What if your boyfriend was an idol's fansite master?

A female idol's fansite master, while at that

-As long as he's not a sasaeng. I probably would follow him taking pictures of that idol around. 

-Not exactly into it, but as long as he doesn't have debt, I wouldn't hate it either

-It's his hobby, I don't have any rights to interfere in it. As long as it doesn't bother his time with me, his personal life, and also his work. Also as long as he likes it, I will be rooting for him. 

-I probably would ask him to take pictures of my biases as wellㅋㅋㅋ

-I don't really like the idea of it...

-As long as he's not a sasaeng and doesn't take sexually explicit pictures, I don't care

-As long as he keeps his boundaries, it doesn't matter. I like male idols as well, anyway.

-I like the idea of it! It means that he takes really good pictures

-Hmm... I would break up with him instantly.

-I think it would be really coolㅋㅋ But it would be emotionally exhausting for me if he's too busy following the idol around

-It doesn't matter at all to me

-Oh, it would be really great since I'm also an idol's fansite master as wellㅋㅋㅋ

-It would be nice to have him as a friend, not as a boyfriend.

-Depends on how he likes or sees that idol...
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BTS Jungkook gains attention for his heart-warming actions to a staff after a show in New York Times Square

Jungkook gains attention for hugging a staff as he stepped down after a performance in New York Times Square. On January 1st, BTS performed in Dick Clar's New Years Rocking Eve with Ryan Seacrest 2020. After performing for 8 minutes long, BTS stepped down the stage, and fans captured a moment where Jungkook hugged a staff who was waiting behind the stage, saying 'You've worked hard' and patted the staff on his back. 

The video of Jungkook's heart-warming action gains a huge attention on the internet. Fans all over the world compliment Jungkook for his sweetness. 

In the ending of KBS Gayo Daechukjae this year, Jungkook was also seen approaching his manager who was waiting in a corner, patting on his back and showed a very heart-warming expression. His speech on Melon Music Awards 2018 also gained attention, in which he expressed how grateful he was to all the managers and staff who have worked with them. One of the staff even teared up upon hearing his speech.

1. [+1,144][-35] Jungkook is the epitome of tenderness. He always takes care of people around him, he always worries and puts his fans first before himself. I'm sure his fans and staff already know about this. I admire his sincerity and the way he puts all of his effort into everything he does. I hope he gets all the love and acknowledgment he deserves in 2020, I love you Jungkook-ah

2. [+776][-28] Our heart-warming Jungkook, he always mentions his staffs during his speech~ Jungkook has a really beautiful and clear heart, it's very heart-warming^^ I will always be supporting for him, BTS and Jungkook

3. [+697][-25] BTS' Jungkook is very well-known for his thoughtful, warm, and caring heart. His heart is just as handsome as his looks. He's always genuine and sincere about everything he does. It's really heart-warming to see him take care and think about people around him. I'm very jealous of the staffs who work with him. I hope this will be the year where all of his dreams and wish come true. I love you, Jeon Jungkook

4. [+569][-25] Even his personality is literally flawless. There's nothing in the world that he doesn't have. You're the best, Jungkook-ah!

5. [+509][-21] You can see how warm and caring his heart is through his eyes. Jungkook, please know that you're a very precious person. 
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MLD Ent. claims, "No manipulations in Finding Momoland... Daisy's mother kept on sending threats"

MLD Ent. claims that there were no manipulations in the process of selecting members in Finding Momoland. They also stress that Finding Momoland wasn't an audition show but a survival show starring 10 trainees from their company. In order to debut, the trainees had to gather 3,000 audiences, hence the vote-rigging accusation was very absurd to MLD Ent. For Daisy, she was eliminated but the CEO of the company saw the potential she had so Daisy was recommended to stay as a trainee in the company. 

MLD Ent. also reveals that the settlement of the production fee was agreed by the members and also their parents. Daisy also signed the contract, which means she agreed, but MLD Ent. kept on getting threats from her mother. MLD Ent. is planning on taking legal actions regarding this issue.

1. [+494][-15] A company that tackles their own artist by threatening their parents, that's very cheap of them

2. [+375][-12] Hang in there, Daisyㅜㅜ

3. [+185][-4] It's a great thing that Yeonwoo decided to leave the group

4. [+62][-3] I was taken aback since the members kept on withdrawing from the group, and now Daisy. What's happening?

5. [+45][-0] It doesn't make sense right since the moment they make the participants pay for the show's production fee
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Was survival show Finding Momoland also rigged as well?

Finding Momoland was an Mnet's survival show that aired for 2 months from July 2016. Before Finding Momoland, Mnet also had another survival show which involved the viewers in selecting the debuting members, Sixteen, which later debuted as Twice. Double Kick Ent. (Now known as MLD Ent.) sent 10 of their trainees and had some well-known producers as their judges for the show. The final debuting members were selected based on the judge (60%), online voting (20%), and live audience voting (20%).

Momoland's Daisy reveals, "When I was eliminated from the show, the company contacted me and arranged a meeting for the next day. They said my eliminations didn't matter and I was originally planned to debut in Momoland. I was offered to join the group after the end of Momoland's debut promotions." She continues, "After I got eliminated, the staff came in and told me they already had plans set out for me so I didn't need to worry about anything". Later, Daisy debuted as an additional member of the group during Wonderful Love promotions, 6 months after Momoland's debut.

MLD Ent. responds to Daisy's statement, saying, "It's true we offered Daisy to join the group as an additional member. We did it because she agreed to. We made adjustments to strengthen the lacking structure of the group"

That wasn't the only problem, Daisy also exposes that MLD Ent. also burdens the production fee of the survival shows on the members. She says, "From my inactive period in 2016 until after I debuted in 2017, I had a loan of 70 million KRW. It's said to be the production fee of Finding Momoland. We (the members) share the total of the whole fee and pay it with our personal money. I dreamed of debuting in an idol group. I thought such thing (paying for survival show's production fee) was a normal thing"

MLD Ent. also responds to this statement, saying "We explained about the production fee to the members. They signed the contracts and there were no problems about that"

-CJ Ent. needs to stop producing survival shows...

-They claimed to produce 'survival shows', but in reality, they made the girls pay for the producing fee. It's like Momoland's members paid (Mnet) to debut.

-Oh Gosh, I feel really bad for Daisyㅠㅠ

-Rather than the rigging, the fact that they made the members pay for the production fee is worseㅠㅠ 

-They're telling the idols to pay for the show's production fee?? Whoa, that's insane

-Oh Gosh, they're so full of shit...

-I think the survival shows that Mnet has produced so far are all rigged...

-Does that mean Momoland couldn't get their income for a while since their debut because their income was used to pay for the production fee??

-MLD Ent. must be the dumbest company on earth after TS Ent...

-I feel so bad for Momoland's members... Not to mention that Yeonwoo is still in that company even after leaving the group.

-MLD Ent. is bigger trash than Mnet...

-Whoa, are they mafia or what??

-At first, I didn't understand why the main vocal and visual of the group, Taeha and Yeonwoo, left the group. But after seeing this news, I could totally understand.

-What's the use of having a company if they're telling the trainees to pay for the production fee?
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Hyuna gets collarbone piercings

-She looks so fucking cool...

-Oh, Goshㅠㅠㅠ That looks so painful

-What if it gets stuck on her bra straps or clothes? That'd be really painful

-It suits Hyuna really well, they look pretty

-It looks cute but I bet it hurts a lot... A loser like me will never dare to try that out

-H... How is that even possible?

-Hul... The piercing on my ears hurt a lot when my hair gets stuck in it, I can't believe how painful this one is. It hurts me just by looking at it.

-The scar it left will probably never fade away. The hole it left wouldn't be able to get smaller, would it?

-A friend of mine has 4 of collarbone piercings and it gives me pain just to look at itㅠㅠㅠ

-I'm sure they didn't pierce right on her bone, right...?

-Then how does she take shower...?

-I would never know that it's possible to have piercings on your collarbone if it wasn't for Hyuna

-I got goosebumps right at the second I saw it, it looks so painfulㅠㅠ

-That looks so fucking painful...
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