Monday, September 5, 2016

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Suzy and her weird habit

Scrunching up her nose 

-So cute..

-Suzy looks pretty when she does it.. I look like someone who has a runny nose when I do that..

-So prettyㅠㅠ I also have the same habit because of Wonshikㅠㅠㅠㅠ

-I don't scrunch up my nose because I'm afraid my nose hair will be exposed..

-Kim Hyesu and Jeon Doyeon also have the same habitㅠㅠㅠ So pretty..

-How could she still looks pretty when she scrunchs up her nose..

-I also have the same habit but I look nothing like Suzy..

-She's so pretty!!!!

-I'm sure that some people will try to have the same habit after reading this post..

-I found the similarity between Suzy and myself!!

-She might have a lot of wrinkles before she ages..

-I also have the same habit.. Now I'm afraid people will label me as Suzy's copycat after this..

-Ah.. So lovely..

-She's truly a goddess..

-Same habit.. Different faces..
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Things are going well for Pledis this year?

Two of their trainees, Im Nayoung and Zhou Jieqiong, who participated in Produce 101 got to debut with IOI.

One of boygroups debuted under Pledis, Seventeen (debuted in 2015)
They sold around 1,600 copies of their debut album.
And in 2016, they sold 80,000 copies album of 'Pretty U'.
They have sold 21,000 copies in total.
(Their fandom has gotten a lot bigger now)

They're currently on a tour right now. 
July 30th: Concert in Seoul
July 31st: Concert in Seoul
August 5th: Concert in Osaka
August 6th: Fansign in Osaka
August 8th: Concert in Tokyo
August 9th: Concert in Tokyo day 2
August 13th: Fanmeeting in Singapore
August 14th: Fanmeeting in Manila
August 15th: Fanmeeting in Manila day 2
August 20th: Fanmeeting in Jakarta
August 21st: Fanmeeting in Bangkok
August 27th: Fanmeeting in Melbourne
Augsut 28th: Fanmeeting in Sydney
August 30th: Fanmeeting in New Zealand
September 4th: Fanmeeting in Hongkong
September 9th: Fanmeeting in Beijing
September 11th: Fanmeeting in Taiwan.

Afterschool's Nana, got a lot of praise on her first drama.
'Good Wife Nana', stealing the viewers' hearts with her girl crush charms. 'Is it really her first drama?'
'Good Wife' Nana, exceeded the viewers' expectation of her acting skills. Looking forward to her chemistry with Jeon Doyeon!
'Good Wife' Nana, feeling grateful for the praises. First time getting a lot of positive comments.

Han Donggeun, has been topping the Melon music chart for 12 days straight

The trainees of Pledis' upcoming girlgroup are holding concert every week (except Im Nayoung, Zhou Jieqiong).
200 seats are always filled every week.
They're going to have their last concert this week, and 800 seats are already sold out.

Things are really going well for Pledis this yearㄷㄷ
Their CEO should consider to buy a lotto this time..

-It would be perfect if they let After School and Orange Caramel have a comeback, and also if they promote and push Nu'est well..

-Aren't they going to give After School and Orange Caramel any comebacks this year?

-It would be perfect if only they give more attention to After School and Orange Caramel..


-What about After School?

-And what about Nu'est..?

-Everything about Pledis is fine.. I just hope they will be better and quick at giving feedbacks..

-Please promote Nu'est more.. Their songs are good, though..

-I've been thinking the same thing these days! I think 2016 is Pledis' year..

-Now that things are going well for you, let's work hard, Pledis..

-That's right.. Things are going well for them, so now please give more attention to After School and Nu'est! What's the point of locking up their good artists in their own company instead of promoting themㅠㅠ

-Nu'est song is such a bop..

-Pledis hyung.. All you need to do is to do your work properly now.. I feel like I'm raising you on my own, sometimes you're really frustating it makes me mad.. But still.. My wallet is yours..

-Please take care of Nu'est and After School tooㅠㅠ

-What's the point of having things going well for them if they don't do their work properly..

-Please push Nu'est more..ㅠㅠ

-Please do your work properly.. I hope they will take care of Nu'est and After School as well.. Please.. Don't only be focused on groups that are getting more popular, please give the same, equal treatment to every artists of yours..

-It's obvious that Pledis is really excited to see things are going well for them.. But let's get to work..

-That's so impressive ^0^

-Pledis, let's work hard a little bit more~~

-Okay, so when will After School have their comeback?

-Sungsoo-ya.. Let's do well^^

-Whoa.. Now let's get to work, Pledis-yah.. Do well^

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