Sunday, April 21, 2019

"Seungri, Choi Jonghoon! Are you watching this?" Fans bury their memories

The Newspace team met fans who liked Seungri and Choi Jonghoon for over than 10 years.
They showed off their brand new lightstick and DVD, which hasn't even been unboxed yet, saying "It's all useless now", and laughed bitterly. They crumpled up the pictures that they have treasured for a long time with no hesitation.

The fans were asked about how they felt when the scandal blew up, CJH's fan said, "It feels like someone hit the back of my head really hard. I totally lost it when I heard that he drove under alcohol influence and bribed the police so that the news wouldn't blow up." SR's fan also responded, "It feels like the person whom I trusted for the past 10 years came up to me and say, 'I'm not the person that you think I am'. I questioned myself, 'Then who is this Seungri, whom I've liked for the past 10 years?. Perhaps I only liked him for his looks?"

She continued, "I have quit the fandom. I don't have any reasons to stan people like him anymore"
Then she explained, "Seungri's birthday is on December 12nd. I use 1212 as my email, username, everything. It feels hilarious now every time I try to log in (using that username or password). And I actually hate Ramen, but since Seungri runs a Ramen restaurant, I had to go there. I started to like Ramen now, but I don't think I have any reasons to go to that restaurant anymore"

On the other side, Choi Jonghoon's fan said, "I started to stan him when I was in middle school, I think. I really wanted to provide a stage that they could use to perform. Now, I major in the Department of Theatre and Film Studies. I even match my dream job for him. Now I can only think, 'Why am I doing this?'"

They were also asked to say one last thing for both Seungri and Choi Jonghoon.
Seungri's fan answered, "What you did have caused wounds to a lot of your fans. I hope you know that what you did was a terrible crime. I hope you will apologize and retire from the industry"
Choi Jonghoon's fan continued next, "From what I heard, he's going to enlist this year. I hope he doesn't (use that chance) to escape himself and avoid the punishment he deserves. But as a non-celebrity, I hope he lives a happy life from now on"

Both of them continued to crumple up and even cut their posters and photo cards of the singers.


1. [+105][-2] You made a great decision. They're not stars anymore, they're criminals now.

2. [+37][-7] Oh Gosh, you guys should've put yourself first (not them) in your life...

3. [+28][-1] I can't trust any male celebrities anymore now. In front of their female fans, they act innocent and pure and earn off money from them. But behind them, they drug, rape, and even film women's bodies with no consents. Not to mention that they have connections with police and politicians to cover up their controversies...

4. [+11][-1] There's a lot of trash among male idols. These guys are what you call Kimchi Guy (NB: The opposite of Kimchi Girl/김치년, it's the word that men usually use to degrade women)
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