Friday, July 21, 2017

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Im Youngmin is a really nice guy..

He was seen taking the other members' trashes during the recording of 'Open Up'

And recently there's a behind the stage video during PD101 concert.. I was wondering where did Youngmin go, since he suddenly disappeared from the screen.. Turns out he was picking up trash in the back of the room..

He even picked up the trash that were shattered around the trash bin. 
And when he was about to finish, he found an another small trash. So he picked it up, threw it into the trash bin, and came closer to the camera.


Im Youngmin is going to debut with Kim Donghyun really soon.. I hope all of his hard work will be paid off.. Fighting!!
Uploading this gif just because he looks very cute in it..


1. [+53][-1] Im Youngmin approached and started a conversation with Yongguk first because he knew Yongguk didn't have friends back then..ㅠㅠㅠ So sweet..ㅠㅠ
Im Youngmin approaching Kim Yongguk first because Yongguk didn't have any friends.jpg
After that, they became closer as they were in the same group for 'Open Up'. And in the last episode, Yongguk kept on sticking by Youngmin's side and comforted Youngmin, who couldn't make it to the final line up. Both Youngmin and Yongguk are going to debut as sub-unit really soon, I hope we can see more of their interactions in the music shows!

2. [+38][-2] Youngmin once became the vice-president of his school's student association!! And there's an article about him saying that he just finished recording for Problematic Men today, I'm really looking forward to it!

3. [+34][-1] You can see his true colors in this post.. I already noticed about his personality ever since Produce 101 aired!

4. [+20][-1] Youngmin, he's a really perfect guy..ㅜㅜ He literally lacks in nothing.. He has it all, from the looks, the brains, the personality, the talents, etc..ㅜㅜ I really like him..

5. [+17][-0] Judging by how he pays attention even to the smallest things like that, we can see that he was educated really well by his own parents..

6. [+17][-1] Youngmin has a really nice personality..

7. [+15][-1] What's wrong with him?? He's so cute it's driving me crazy..ㅜㅜ

8. [+15][-1] This is why I like him so much..ㅜㅜ I believe that Youngmin is going to be big someday..ㅠㅠ

9. [+14][-1] Youngmin-ah.. Our flawless Youngmin.. I miss youㅠㅠ

10. [+13][-1] I wish all of Brand New Music's boys all the best!!
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Let's write a letter for our future self in the next one week

Ignore the picture..

Let's think about what we want to say to our own selves in the next one week! I'm not a patient person so I can't wait for a month, that's why I decided to make it a weekㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Take a look of our own letters next week, and think about it.


Do you still like that guy?


1. [+6][-0] Hi, do you wash your hair regularly?

2. [+4][-0] It's a good thing for you to quit your company.. You can get employed in a much better company..

3. [+2][-0] Next week will be the 99th day after the accident happened.. It feels like it was just yesterday when I spent my whole day lying on bed because I was sick and couldn't do anything.. Time sure flies really fastㅠㅠ So how's life? You still exercise regularly, right? You need to work hard if you want to be able to walk as soon as possible!!

4. [+1][-0] Are you currently studying for your SAT?? How about the book you've always wanted to buy, have you bought it yet?

5. [+1][-0] You've confessed your feelings, right?? Are you currently dating him, or did you get dumped by him??? Anyway, don't worry.. There are a lot of other men in this world!! Where did that 16 years old girl who wanted to end her first ever one sided love in her life?? You're one step ahead now.. It's 10.58AM and holiday is going to end soon..
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Which idol from China is the most handsome?

1. Wanna One's Lai Guan Lin

2. Exo's ex-member Luhan

3. NCT 127's Win Win

4. Seventeen's Jun

Four of them are handsome, but in my personal opinion, Luhan is a wall..


1. [+154][-39] I've seen Seventeen in person and Jun is very handsome, it doesn't even make sense.. I immediately look up his name on searching engine once I arrived at home after seeing him in person..

2. [+150][-4] Isn't Lai Guan Lin from Taiwan?

3. [+135][-30] The gif of Win Win that I saved even though I'm not his fan.. He's really handsome..

4. [+67][-10] Jun is the most handsome, in my opinion.. He's a little bit underrated but he's so freaking handsome.. His facial features are very sharp, his face is really small, and he has a really nice body proportions..ㄷㄷㄷㄷ

5. [+53][-7] For me, it's Seventeen's Jun..

6. [+53][-10] Win Win is so freaking handsome.. He's a wall..

7. [+49][-5] I personally think Jun doesn't get much attention for his looks.. One day, my friend showed off about the new Seventeen's album she just bought and I was very surprised to see Jun.. I didn't know any other visual besides Vernon.. I didn't know Jun was actually that handsome..

8. [+48][-8] Moon Junhui!!!

9. [+45][-4] Jun is really handsome..

10. [+41][-5] Thank you for mentioning Win Win.. He's indeed very handsome~
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I'm going crazy because of my crush's laughㅋㅋㅋ

My crush has a slanted eyes, deep voice, and sharp facial features which makes him leave a really scary first impression.
F*ck, but did you little know that when he smiles, his eyes look like a half moon and the aegyo sal under his eyes puffs up. And his laughter sounds like 'heheheheheh', it makes him sound like a fool.. 
It's so cute, it's driving me crazy.. He makes me want to destroy the class podium whenever he laughsㅠㅠㅠ F*ck..


1. [+131][-0] Class Podium: ???

2. [+52][-1] Why would you destroy the class podium..ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ You're cute as well..ㅋㅋㅋ

3. [+36][-0] Why would you destroy the class podium..ㅋㅋㅋㅋ F*ck..ㅋㅋㅋ

4. [+10][-0] Don't destroy the class podium.. How about destroying the board instead?

5. [+10][-0] Class Podium:

6. [+7][-0] Class Podium: *bewildered*

7. [+5][-3] I have a feeling the OP crush actually laughs like this.. I'm jealous of her..

8. [+3][-0] Omg.. I think I know how you feel.. My crush is really similar with yours!!! I seriously want to kiss him on the cheeks whenever he laughsㅠㅠ My crush looks a little bit fierce and his skin is tanned, that's why he looks sexy.. But he looks different when he smiles.. He makes me want to destroy my schoolㅠㅠ

9. [+3][-0] What did the class podium do wrong..ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

10. [+3][-10] That sounds like Kwon Soonyoung.. That's how Soonyoung laughs..
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Pristin's visual in your opinion

Both are beautiful, but among the two members who get mentioned the most as Pristin's visual, who do you think the real visual is?

Kyulkyung vs Siyeon

I'm only uploading press pictures to be fair

Year book pictures

Park Siyeon took her year book picture during Produce 101 Season 1, and Kyulkyung took hers last year


1. [+174][-38] I don't know.. Because I've been a fan of Im Nayoung since Produce 101 Season 1..

2. [+170][-40] Kyulkyung!! I'm a non-fan but I saved this gif because she looks very beautiful in it..

3. [+69][-29] It's Siyeon for me..

4. [+64][-4] Kyulkyung..

5. [+49][-16] Kyulkyung is already popular before she debuted with Pristin.. I was watching Pristin's performance and thought 'Whoa.. She's really pretty' when I saw Kyulkyung but then I saw Park Siyeon and I was like 'Hul.. Who's this girl..' because she's so f*cking pretty.. The conclusion is both of them are beautiful in their own way!

6. [+48][-19] Park Siyeon..ㅋㅋ She looks more feminine and cuter.. Nayoung is beautiful as well, but she doesn't really stand out in her group..

7. [+44][-1] Kyulkyung's eyes are really fascinating.. They always shine brightly like stars..

8. [+42][-7] I don't know.. All I can think about whenever I watch their performance is how good Nayoung at dancing, she looks the most outstanding to me..

9. [+31][-17] For me, it's Eunwoo~ The more you look at her, the more charming she gets.. She can be both sexy and cute at the same time.. Anyway, Eunwoo is the most outstanding member in my eyes~

10. [+18][-1] Im Nayoung is the best..
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Crazy.. Girls, let's be careful of hidden cameras in public

I think Korean men are really specialized when it comes to hidden cameras.
Girls, our bodies are very beautiful and precious. Don't let other people to look at it to fill up their sexual thirsts. 

(The picture is taken in Singapore, since I couldn't find any other pictures taken in South Korea)


1. [+97][-30] I just don't get it, what are they going to do with the videos they take with those hidden cameras, anyway? They should just get their selves some girlfriends instead.. Why would they take pictures of a strange woman's under skirts? I mean, there's nothing else beside underwear or safety pants under our skirts..

2. [+96][-6] Don't even trust Gynecologists as well!
Articles about Gynecologists recording videos of their patients in secret.

3. [+92][-3] There was a senior in our school who got caught red-handed trying to record female students changing their uniform. It was after P.E class and he hid his phone in the class where all the female students were changing their uniformㅋㅋㅋ It was the legendary incident ever in our school.. He got interrogated by a police and he admitted that it wasn't his first time doing such thing, goosebumps..

4. [+39][-3] Being a woman is so f*cking hardㅋㅋㅋ F*ck..

5. [+32][-1] The level of Korean men..ㅋㅋ I heard that's one of the reason why the criminality rate in our country is much higher than other countries..ㅋㅋㅋ What an embarrassment to our countryㅋㅋㅋ
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Kim Doyeon could've done better..

A group needs to be balanced in every aspects, though.. But Doyeon looks very outstanding in her group, both in height and also visual aspect. I'm not saying that the other girls are ugly, it's just that Doyeon looks very very outstanding. And I don't think Yoojung is considered as short in her group.. I just think that, she could've debuted in a better group..


1. [+402][-4] Honestly, she's the only celebrity in that group..

2. [+396][-1] I don't think Fantagio knows what 'Balance' is.. Look at Astro's Cha Eunwoo, Hello Venus' Nara, Surprise's Seo Kangjoon.. They're the only popular member in their group, I think the same thing applies to Kim Doyeon as well..

3. [+233][-4] Kim Doyeon looks so freaking pretty in that group.. Even though she has always been that pretty.

4. [+95][-1] Fantagio disappoints me a lot this time.. I heard there are over than 10,000 girls who auditioned to debut with Doyeon and Yoojung..

5. [+76][-0] Kim Doyeon suits the girl crush concept better.. But the concept that her group is going with is more like girlish and baby-ish..

6. [+62][-1] She should've debuted in a group like Pristin..

7. [+41][-1] Frankly speaking, I think Dodaeng will hit so much bigger if they debuted as a duo.. Doyeon can attract a lot of fangirls, while Yoojung attracts the fanboys to join their fandom..

8. [+37][-0] I miss IOI..

9. [+37][-3] I'm going to be really honest here.. I think it will be hard for them to survive in this industry..

10. [+30][-1] I don't think Doyeon suits to be an idol.. I'm not saying that she's lacking in anything, she's just too good to be an idol.. I think she would suit to be a CF Model or actress better than idol..
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