Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Who is your ideal type among idols?

If you had to pick an ideal type among idols.. Who would you pick?
Leaving their personalities or behaviours, just judging from their faces..
For me, it's Hoshi..


1. [+339][-46] Seventeen's Mingyu and Exo's Sehun..

2. [+268][-81] It's Exo's Suho.. For your information, I'm not an Exo's fan..

3. [+217][-46] I always think that he's such a nice person everytime I see him treating his fans nicely.. Nam Woohyun is my ideal type..<3

4. [+125][-16] His personality, his face, his voice.. Everything about him is my type.. F*ckㅠㅠ

5. [+106][-13] Seventeen's Dokyeomㅜㅇㅜ..

6. [+98][-20] Someone with a nice smile..

7. [+97][-37]  Jimin.. Someone who can be both sexy and cute..

8. [+84][-7] I'm not a Seventeen's fan but if I had to pick.. It would be Seventeen's Dokyeom..

9. [+81][-17] Chanyeol

10. [+76][-16] .