Sunday, August 7, 2016

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Stellar Hyoeun shocks netizens by revealing her real weight

It's written that she weighs 48kg in her profile, but

She actually only weighs 41.3kg..
It's so shocking because she's really thin..

I got shocked twice because she's so pretty..

-?? She only weighs 41.3kg when she's 170cm tall???

-I wish I was as skinny as her..

-Hul.. If she's 170cm tall and only weighs 41kg, doesn't that mean she's underweight??

-170cm and 41kg????

-Her body is nice..

-She's so skinny.......41......

-She's too skinny if she only weighs 41kg at that tall..

-She's so skinny..

-Whoa.. Hul.. She might faint in anytime if she doesn't gain any weight soon..

-Hul..? Did she lie about her height..? She's skinny but it doesn't look like she's 170cm for real..

-Hul.. Maybe she's shorter than her height in the profile??

-If she takes off her clothes and her accessories, she must be around 40..

-Hul.. She should at least gain 10kg.. It's for her own health..

-Lee Hyoeun.. She's so skinny.. She should gain some weight..

-Hul.. This is so shocking..

-She's not 170cm right?

-I don't think she's 170.. She looks like she's around 166~7.. But still.. 41kg at 166cm is skinny..

-She's so skinny but her body is nice..

-I'm so jealous of her..