Wednesday, April 17, 2019

The kid who I bullied at school becomes a superstar

He talked stories about during school days with BTS' V
He said, "I wasn't friend with him. It's like a food chain relationship"
"I was the lion and he was the bunny"

Viewer: 'Whoa, you were friend with him?"

I was not friend with that bastard, okay? I may be a little bit jealous of him, but we weren't friend. Let me explain what our relationship was. It was a food chain relationship. I was the lion and he was the bunny, it's just like a food chain relationship. Don't ever refer me at his friend. Damn, I should've been a trainee as well. If only I was a trainee and trained so hard as if my life depended on it, I probably would've been even more famous than that bastard. Which too bad, I didn't, and start up Afreeca TV instead, in which I got a lot of hate on. It aches my heart a lot. 

BTS is popular these days? Taehyung got some career right there, right?

And then, that bunny becomes a worldstar

Later, that BJ apologizes. He claims that it was just a joke and he didn't expect it to become that big.

-I can't believe he actually said that really proudly. Judging by how his personality is right now, you can totally tell what kind of a kid he was back then.

-I'm feeling the secondhand embarrassment coming up...

-What a trash...

-Taehyung seems to be a very pure and kind guy. He has a clean past.

-I hope he gets sued for spreading false rumors...

-I bet V doesn't even remember going to the same school with this bastard

-How are you even sure that they went to the same school?

-Heehun...? Isn't he that guy who was on the same show with SNSD??

-Seems like things like this only prove how kind and warm-hearted BTS' members are. None of them is weird or have a dark past...

-It's not like he did something great. What is he so proud of?

-Is he still going through puberty or what?

-What is he doing at that age...ㅋㅋㅋ

-Is this from 2015...? Is it from when BTS was still rookies?
 ㄴBTS was on their 3rd year of their career, they debuted on 2013

-I f*cking hate him