Wednesday, August 8, 2018

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Nako's hidden effort after getting so much hate comments for her height

In case you don't notice it:
She wears sneakers and yet she stills tip toes throughout the choreography and purposely creates bigger movements in order to look less small.


Judging from all the comments she gets in Theqoo, and not the other site. They're mostly like:

'Her head is in adult size while her body is in elementary student size. So gross'
'She looks like a dwarf'
'Look at her shitty body proportions..ㅋㅋ Is she really a celebrity?'
'She looks like Park Narae'
'She looks like a 3rd grader elementary student'
'She's shorter than the average 6th grader elementary students'
'Ugly girl next to ugly girl'
'Are you sure she's not Hobbit?'
'Her body proportions is worse than average citizens'
'What's wrong with her legs'
'People who like her must have something wrong in their heads. Maybe they're Lolita or what'
'150 cm dwarf~~~ Are you watching this??'

I can't upload them all but here's some Nako-related posts in Theqoo:

'Produce 48 Japanese trainee who gets body shamed a lot'
'Yabuki Nako who ranks #2 in Produce 48; The trainee who's smaller than the average 6th graders'
'Japanese trainee who unexpectedly looks good with her short height'
'Shocking pictures of a Produce 48's trainee's body proportions...'
'I was very surprised to see this. Produce 48 Yabuki Nako's full shot press-taken pictures'

Every posts about Nako always talk or at least mention her height. 
People are treating as if being short is actually a weird thing. 


Being short is not even a weird thing.
Just because she's short, doesn't mean that people can't like her. 
And look at how she puts on effort to cover her complex because of all the hate comments she's been receiving. 
I just hope people won't be too harsh towards Nako.
There are a lot of people who think short girls are cute. 
There are a lot of Theqoo users who think short girls are cute.

-I've always adored her for all the effort she puts in everything she does. Just look at how she moved from F class to A class, it proves how hard-working she is. I hope she doesn't pay much attention to the haters and gain some strength..

-I voted for her because I felt bad for her and all the hate comments she gets. I hope Nako and her fans gain some strength..

-Nako, have some strength!!

-I didn't pay much attention to her but now that I realized it, why does she get so much hate comments?? You guys have no rights to hate on her..

-I'm going to vote for her during the live show.. I feel really bad for her..

-F*ck, look at those comments. I'm going to vote for her..

-I'm so sick of all these people making fun of her height.. Honestly, you know what? Take some seconds to look at yourself in the mirror, you stupid b*tches..

-I bet she's going to make it to the final line up.. Judging by hot this issue is..

-I can't even tell who's the short one in those three first pictures.. She's not even that short.

-Do you think she's short because she wants to?? You guys are so mean for calling her disabled.. That just shows how low your class is in real life..

-She looks cute, though??

-What do those people expect from making fun of short people?

-It's not like she's short because she doesn't want to grow up;;