Wednesday, August 8, 2018


The masterpiece drama that hasn't been getting lots of responses from public


This medical drama was written by the writers that worked for 'Stranger' + Jo Seungwoo + production team that worked for 'Stranger'

Viewers think this drama is too boring and it shows through their ratings.

-I personally think Lee Dongwook gets too much screen time.. It's boringㅠㅠ

-Yeah, it's actually more boring than what I thought. I watch it everytime it's on, but I can't help doing something else while watching it..

-I was looking forward to this drama, though.. Is it really that boring?

-The first and second episode were fine.. The plot started to go down the hill since then.

-I love Lee Dongwook but the plot of this drama is really hard to understand and I think people expected too much since the production team used to work for 'Stranger'..

-It's only fun when Jo Seungwoo appears on the screen..

-I personally think it's fun and entertaining, but I gotta say it would be hard for this drama to hit big..

-This is the only drama that I watch these days.. It's good..

-Lee Dongwook gets the most screen time but his acting skill is not so good, it makes the whole drama boring. His role should've been played with someone with better skills, I think they just casted the wrong person..

-I think it's just because the plot is too hard for public to understand..?

-I have never watched 'Stranger' and I'm currently watching this drama and I gotta say it's quite nice..

-I stopped watching after the third episode. I am very disappointed. The plot bores the hell out of me. There's nothing interesting from this drama.