Wednesday, August 8, 2018

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Infinite's fan site master interrogating Sungjong.twt

'Let me share a proof. Even if Woolim didn't allow him to, he probably would've still gone to the birthday party because he wanted to see his fans. Sungjong gave us permission to shoot this for the intro of his birthday video. I'm uploading the uncut, unedited version one. He was very desperate to see his fans. And this shooting was possible to shoot because at the time he had no manager with him in the airport'

Fansite master: Do you love us?
Sungjong: Of course
Fansite master: I think you're lying, though?
Sungjong: I just can't explain it with words
Fansite master: And yet you still lie and run away from us?

-Both the company and also the person who shoot this video are problematic..

-Crazy.. What the heck is this?? She shot this video because Sungjong wasn't with his manager at that time? Whoa f*ck, I'm so tired with all these sasaengs..

-What in the world was his manager doing at this time?

-So what this fansite master trying to prove here is that a) Sungjong was alone, without his manager, in the airport and had a rough time because the sasaengs who kept on following him. b) Sungjong saying that he wanted to throw a birthday party but his company didn't let him to..ㅋㅋㅋ

-Sungjong is seriously so kind.. Just look at how he responded calmly to whatever those stalkers were saying..ㅜㅜ

-What is she talking about?? Why would Sungjong run away??
  -I think she was talking about how Sungjong went to another gate to avoid the sasaengs..

-F*ck.. Why are you doing some shitty stuffs towards our Sungjong..

-So, is she bragging off to the whole world that she's a sasaeng?

-Isn't this that famous sasaeng in the fandom?

-Isn't she a lunatic? She sounds so scary..

-I feel bad for Sungjong..

-Hul.. This is so shocking.. How could a fan talk to their idol in that manner??

-It's true that she's trash, but the company is also at fault here. It's because they never really took care of sasaengs and stalkers. Just look at the sasaeng videos taken in the airport. They mostly talk to them in an informal manner and even touch the idols' bodies, no joke. But the idols could do nothing besides laughing it off, even when they actually hate it. The normal fans are so upset with this and try to make things better, but they can't because the sasaengs are beyond lunatic. This also happened to Lovelyz. But Infinite is probably having it so much worse since they've been in the industry longer, anyway the company is also at fault in this case. After Golden Child debuted, they kinda changed and take matters seriously but I think it's going to be hard to fix Infinite's fandom which is just already in a big mess..

-I know nothing about Sungjong besides his name and his face. But I feel like tearing up to see this video.

-This sasaeng has a very ridiculous mindset, I'm getting goosebumps..ㅋㅋㅋ