Wednesday, August 8, 2018

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Produce48's current tanking and the advice that Kim Sejeong gave

Heo Yoonjin asked if they could choose the center again because she felt she could do better than her previous attempt. 

Kim Sejeong: 'Don't try to start a competition. The moment you start it, the moment you realize that there are too much of competitors there'

Heo Yoonjin ranks #26

Kim Sejeong: 'Just think of how to perform such cool and beautiful stage with those good friends of yours. I hope you'll do that instead (of competing with others)'

Kang Hyewon taking the rapper position for Boombayah group, even when she's not a rapper, 

Kang Hyewon ranks #2

-Yeah anyway everything is in the palm of Joonyoung's hand. No matter how hard working you are, you'll get eliminated eventually if you don't get any screen time..

-But Heo Yoonjin was not trying to compete with Nako. And for Kang Hyewon, she knows that she's in no place to compete herself with other trainees that's why she just chose the position that was left.

-Honestly, I don't think being ambitious is something wrong. I'm still rooting for Yoonjin. 

-I actually don't know what Heo Yoonjin did wrong..

-You know what. I really hate it when people use Kim Sejeong's words to hate on some specific trainees.

-You're trying to bring Yoonjin down? You're so f*cking ridiculous.

-Is all the hate she's receiving right now necessary? I feel bad for Heo Yoonjin..

-Not Kang Hyewon. Don't bring her to this. 

-Look at the amount of hate Heo Yoonjin is gaining right now. I hate you all. Is being ambitious such a bad thing?

-What did Heo Yoonjin did wrong here? Is it wrong to ask for your team members to give you another chance?

-Hyewon is pretty but her skills are not.. But I have a feeling she's going to debut anyway.

-Heo Yoonjin's rank falls because of that..?

-? Do you even know what you're talking about;;

-I still don't understand why Heo Yoonjin gets so much hate for being ambitious.