Tuesday, August 7, 2018

The thing that gets divided opinions among idols' fans


Bringing kids or babies to fansigns.
I thought fans don't mind that but it actually gets a lot of divided opinions.

From the point of view of the fans who don't mind:

-They think it's adorable how their biases are adoring kids
-Cutie + Cutie = The greatest combination ever
-They think it's heart-fluttering to see their biases taking care of kids
-They like it to see their biases adoring kids


From the point of view of the fans who mind:

-It's unfair how the parent was the one who get chosen to attend the fansign, and yet they bring their kids
-They find it frustrating when the kids get noisy and yet they can't do anything about that
-They don't like it because it seems like the parents are just using the kids to get their biases' attentions
-They don't like it because the idols tend to pay more attention to the kids
-The kids causes harms to another fans by being noisy, or running around
-They don't like it because it seems like the parents are just using the kids to get more time to interact with their biases when its their turn to get the signature


-I hate it when they act like ,'Look there's a baby here! Hug them!'.. But at the same time, I'm worried these parents get hate from other fans just because they have no one else to look after their kids..

-I don't mind it if they bring to idols' fansigns just as long as it's not my favorite idols' fansign!

-Who's the girl in the last picture? She's so freaking pretty..

-I do mind. Fansigns usually last for over than 3 hours. What would they do if the kids suddenly cry? The other fans did nothing wrong, why would they have to hear the kids whining throughout the fansign?

-I f*cking hate it when fans take their kids to fansigns. What an attention seeker. 

-Why would you bring your kids to fansigns??? This ain't no day care. I thought there are some rules that say you can't bring kids to fansigns. 

-I hate it. Most of fans who bring kids to fansign are attention seeker, they purposely bring their kids in order to get more attention from the idols. 

-That might happen when the parents have no one else to look after their kids. I personally think they should be put first in the line to get the signature and leave the fansign as soon as they get the signatures. 

-I think it's fine to bring kids to fansigns, as long as they're not breaking the rules..

-I hate it.. It seems like they're just using their kids to get more attention..

-I'm neutral..ㅋㅋ I bet they have their personal reasons to bring their kids. I mean, they wouldn't bring their kids to such event if they didn't really have to. But if their purpose of bringing the kids just to get more attention.. I would f*cking hate it..ㅋㅋㅋ

-It mustn't be easy to bring kids to such events.. So why bring kids??ㅋㅋㅋ

-I don't really like kids so it's a big no from me. And I don't really want to see my biases interacting with kids, so..

-I hate it.. If they can bring their kids in, can I also bring my friends in?^^