Tuesday, August 7, 2018

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Wonder Girl's former member Sunye comes back to entertainment industry.. Found a new company

-She was acting as if she wouldn't come back to the industry.. Why did she retire in the first place.. I don't think this is right..

-The comments here are so mean.. I mean, you can hate her for coming back to the industry but you shouldn't cross the line..

-But it's really nice to see the celebrity that I've been watching while growing up back on TV again..

-I still can't believe that Sunye used to be in the same group with Hyuna.. 

-I bet The Return of Superman will cast her as the new member..

-She brings a lot of memories with her.. It's really nice to see her on TV again..

-How is her relationship with the other WG members? Do they still contact each other?

-What is she going to do in the entertainment industry now..

-She has never announced that she retires from being a celebrity..

-I knew this would happen.. Wonder Girls are Wonder Girls and Sunye is Sunye..

-What does her husband do?

-Her fans must be really taken aback with this news.. 

-I really don't want to think like this but I think she's back because of financial reasons..

-I thought you said you're done with being a celebrity?