Monday, July 16, 2018

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CL seems to be talking about Yang Hyunsuk in her latest Insta Story

양현석 저격 같은 씨엘 인스타 스토리 | 인스티즈

She uploaded a picture of a cat wearing hat with General/Leader/Commander written on it and if you look closely, she also wrote 'Fine. Do whatever you want. You're ridiculous' in a small size.

양현석 저격 같은 씨엘 인스타 스토리 | 인스티즈
CL commented on Yang Hyunsuk's Instagram:
'What about me? #PleaseReplyToMyText'

-Ugh.. I'm at loss for words..

-Why is he keeping such a talented and potential artist inside of his dungeon.. I hope she'll leave YG as soon as possible..

-Sometimes I wonder if Yang Hyunsuk really does have the right to run a company..

-If you can't take care of your own artists, you shouldn't have taken them to your company..

-Whoa.. How could he completely ignore CL like that..?

-If you don't have the confidence of taking care of her, you need to let her go..

-And yet he goes around talking about how he thinks his artists as his own family.. Such a bullshit..

-I really hope CL would leave YG as soon as possible..

-I'm really upset to see this..ㅠㅠ Chaerin, just leave YG..ㅠㅠ

-Is there anything that Yang Hyunsuk does properly..?

-I think it would be better for her to leave the comapny..

-Yang Hyunsuk is totally the worst..

-So he has time to update his Instagram and yet none to reply his artist's text..?

-Ah.. This upsets me really bad..ㅠㅠ