Tuesday, August 7, 2018

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Twice Dahyun's hair dye seems to be a failure

These are pictures from event that Twice attended today and look at her vague hair color..


-That hair color suits her because she has a fair skin.. The color itself is actually not so pretty.. But I think they're going to put another color on top of that..?

-It's like another kind of blonde.. It's too yellow-ish and maybe that's what makes it look strange..

-But she suits that hair color so much better than what I thought.. Probably because she has a fair skin..?

-The color is actually a bit strange.. It only looks good because of Dahyun's fair skin.. Anyway, she has a really nice body proportion. Her face is so small.. Look at how much she resembles a doll in the last picture..

-She looks beautiful, though.. What's wrong with you? o_o

-I think she just bleached her hair to dye it with another color on top of it..?

-I think it only looks great because it's Dahyun..

-Am I the only one who thinks that she actually looks gorgeous with it..?

-It's so-so.. It looks like a neon yellow. She looks the best with brown hair!

-I'm so jealous of her fair skin..

-The hair color doesn't suit her skin tone but it actually doesn't look that bad.. It looks like she has tons of lights under her skin, she looks so light.. I'm so jealous of Dahyun who probably doesn't get tanned in this hot summer..ㅠㅠ

-I think this hair color suits her better than dark hair..