Thursday, August 9, 2018

The side of men that women unexpectedly like


When they cry and make you want to protect them at all costs.
But doesn't mean women like men who cry all the time.

Someone who's usually chic, dandy, and matured

The difference that they make when they break down mentally at some point. 
That's what I'm talking about.

-Depends on their face..

-I wouldn't like it if they whine..

-Yoo Seungho's acting skill is seriously no joke..

-It actually depends on the face. Just look at Baek Jongwon, who's likeable in the public's eyes. Imagine him crying just because a food tastes so good and he can't hold in his feels..

-Those guys are handsome..

-Depends on the face^^ If an ugly man cries in front of me, I probably would want to punch him rather than protect him..

-But still, you need to cry in a handsome way. No loud sobbing or runny nose. 

-The rules: 1) You have to be handsome. 2) You can't look ugly. 

-I don't have the most important thing to start with, which is a handsome face..ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

-If someone handsome cries in front of me, I probably would do anything for them. Even sell out my organs if they need me to.

-This only applies if you're handsome..

-I remember this guy I had a fling with who cried after I told him I wanted to end things. Every feelings I had for him just suddenly gone, disappeared. On top of that, he's not really handsome. It was very annoying to see him cry in front of me.