Thursday, August 9, 2018

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Risabae's Hwasa make up


-Whoa.. This is so freaking amazing..


-That's so cool..

-I thought she was Hwasa..

-How could someone be this talented?ㄷㄷㄷ

-So, you're saying that this is not Hwasa???? Are you sure?? I think I might go crazy.. God-Sabae, this is so amazing..

-Whoa.. Hwasabae..

-This is Sabae..?? And not Hwasa..?? Wow..

-Make up is make up. But she really knows how to pull off certain expressions. She's talented and she was born with it..

-So this is why people keep going 'God-Sabae' all the time..

-I would've thought this was Hwasa if I hadn't read the title..

-I thought that was Hwasa and there would be some other pictures to compare the real Hwasa and Risabae's cover make up but I was wrong..

-This is totally Hwasa, though??

-For a second I thought she did a collab with Hwasa..