Thursday, August 9, 2018

Show off your idol's light stick here

People talk about light sticks a lot these days, all of them are so pretty. 
Show off your favorite idol's light stick here.
Here's my bias:


1. [+101][-11] After fans realize that they can open the case and even remove the diamond inside of it, customizing the Carat Bong becomes a trend..

2. [+94][-39] Army Bomb

3. [+46][-10] We have the same bias~~<3

4. [+25][-2] The light doesn't shine so bright but they look pretty if you see them like this..

5. [+23][-3] <3 Exo-L's LED light stick<3

6. [+20][-2] Shining Star!

7. [+19][-4] Kim Man Bong!

8. [+18][-1] Whoa, Got7, Infinite, NCT, Seventeen, Exo, BTS, Twice, Apink, Winner, BAP, Block B, BTOB all have freaking beautiful light stick. I'm so jealous of them, it must be heaven for you guys. Here's our bowling pin.

9. [+17][-3] Mighting Mtick! (N/B: 믐뭔봄 --> Light stick in Korean is 응원봉, but since NCT's light stick is in a square shape the fans named it 믐뭔봄 instead! ㅁ-> M in Korean)

10. [+17][-0] Highlight Bong