Thursday, August 9, 2018

Does being pretty mean everything to women?

Whether if you're men or women, life is so much more easier if you have a good looking face..zㅋ

'Seems like getting married is so easy if you're pretty, and that's why I'm very upset'

I have three friends. 

Friend #1:
She was preparing to become a weather caster when she met and got married to gold-spoon accountant who was studying abroad in Australia.

Friend #2:
She was a college student when she went to America for a vacation, where she met a rich man and decided to get married. 

Friend #3: 
This college friend of mine was preparing to get employed in her 8th semester when she met a rich doctor and got married to him.

Now that I'm getting older, I came to realize that profession means nothing to women. 
All I've been doing is preparing to get employed and it feels pointless. 
I think it would be so much easier if I got a plastic surgery and got married.
I seriously have no idea what I'm doing right now.

-I think it's better to live my life as my own self than live my life with the title of 'xxx's wife'..

-People these days consider good-looking face as an asset.. I wouldn't disagree, though..

-As a man, I gotta say that being pretty doesn't mean everything. But it sure does play a quite big role. 

-Elderly people around me always say that, 'Everything is possible if you're pretty'..

-I'm already rich so I don't mind being uglyyy. There's nothing I can do if no one likes me because I'm ugly, I guess.

-I would rather live my life as my own self. 

-As someone who doesn't really want to get married, I'm not jealous at all..

-People have different meanings of 'happiness', right?

-I wouldn't say being pretty means everything, but I gotta say it does bring you advantage..

-Are you sure they got married just because they're pretty? I mean, maybe there were another reasons, too..