Friday, April 19, 2019

The 2nd generation of K-Pop, the girl groups are disbanding and the boy groups are involved in scandals

SNSD - They only have sub-units now

2NE1 - Member got swept up in a controversy, disbanded afterwards

T-Ara - They only have 4 members left in the group now

Wonder Girls - Disbanded

Secret - Disbanded

Kara - Disbanded

F(x) - They only got to do one comeback after a member left from the group

Nine Muses - Disbanded

Miss A - Disbanded

Ex DBSK - Some of them re-branded to JYJ, currently is the hot topic in the town

Highlight - One of them is a member of the 'groupchat'

Super Junior - They still maintain the problematic member of the group

Bigbang - No further explanations, they're currently the hottest male group in the history
(NB: It's sarcasm guys......)

FT Island - One of them is a member of the 'groupchat'

SHINee - One of them was alleged for sexual harassment

Of course, there are groups from the 1st generation who also disbanded and swept up in scandals as well. I think it's all just the matter of time.

(NB. Please note the post was made by a Korean Netizens. It doesn't guarantee 100% accuracy and all I do here is just translating the post)

-But still, they're the singers who made my school days become a lot more fun. How did it all end up like this?

-I don't think it's right for DBSK to be mentioned here... It has been a long time since they splitted.

-But Onew was declared not guilty, right? Is that why the OP says 'alleged'?

-Where's SS501? Aren't they from the 2nd generation as well?

-How dare you mention the name of the criminal right next to DBSK's nameㅋㅋ I feel sorry for DBSK...

-The 3rd generation would probably end up the same way...

-The ones who are involved in scandals and controversies are all male idolsㅋㅋㅋ

-These are the groups that I liked during my school days. It's really sad to hear this.

-What? Which members are left in T-Ara now?

-How dare you to drag our SHINee in this post...

-Leave SNSD out of this post...

-SNSD didn't disband... Why are they mentioned in this post?

-Yong Junhyung is not a member of the groupchat. He only had a 1:1 conversation with JJY.

-I used to like these groups before...