Friday, April 19, 2019

Idol School's participants reunite on Music Bank together

오늘자 뮤직뱅크서 만난 아이돌학교 동창회 | 인스티즈

오늘자 뮤직뱅크서 만난 아이돌학교 동창회 | 인스티즈

Jo Yuri (IZONE)
Onda (Everglow)
Haru (Holiday, her real name is Lee Yoojung)
Yoobin (Pink Fantasy)
Even Stephanie is also there!

-Hul... I didn't know Yoojung has already debuted...

-Hul... I don't think I saw them in the show, it's fascinating...

-Jo Yuri was on Idol School?
 ㄴYes~~ She participated in Idol School

-I didn't know Jo Yuri participated in Idol School...

-Hul, Lee Yoojung has already debuted?

-Hul, Lee Yoojung! She debutedㅋㅋ She had short hair in Idol School, I almost couldn't recognize her with long hair...

-Who is the fourth girl?? She looks very gorgeous, she reminds me of Kim Yoojung...

-Ah... This is a really heart-warming sight to seeㅠㅠ

-Who is Onda?
 ㄴJo Serim!


-Stephanie is a really great performer...