Friday, April 19, 2019

Nu'est's Kang Dongho is so shocking;;

He's so freaking handsome...ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
He totally suits that hairstyle and the concept
I still can't believe that he actually looks good in brighter hair


1. [+296][-21] Our Dongho finally does the 'idol' hairstyle... I'm sobbing (NB: Idol hairstyle = Eccentric, bright hair color)

2. [+191][-19] Whoa... What the... He totally suits that hairstyle really well...

3. [+189][-19] It took them a while to do this hairstyle on him... He looks handsome...

4. [+102][-5] I recently saw him on one of the episodes of Law of The Jungle, his appearance shook me. But when he shaved and put on a cap, he made me go "Idols are idols for some reasons". Now I'm at a loss of words after seeing this picture. It makes me realize that he's actually an idol, it's shocking. 

5. [+100][-7] Baekho<3

6. [+87][-6] I think Kang Dongho looks the best in suits!! He pulls off that hairstyle really wellㅋㅋㅋ I guess Pledis Ent. has finally come back to their right mind...

7. [+78][-4] Handsome people will still look handsome even if they have blonde hair, silver hair, etc. His hairstyle for his concert in China is totally dazzling!!!

8. [+68][-3] His existence itself is very charming. He was the most-outstanding trainee back in Produce 101, there's something about him that attracts me in. He's a main vocal and on top of that, he's really good-looking. His stage existence is really huge. anyway, he looks very handsome in those pictures!

9. [+68][-5] I have always thought his hairstyle is doing him dirty, now that he dyes his hair his face is shining...

10. [+65][-6] Kang Dongho until the end of my life