Friday, April 19, 2019

BTS performs Dionysus, Boy With Luv, and Make It Right on MCountdown


-This is driving me crazy...ㅠㅠ The thoughts of me seeing them performing these songs at their concerts... I'm already dying

-At first, I thought Dionysus was too 'hard' for me... But now, it's my favorite song from the albumㅠㅠ

-Dionysus is totally insane. I can't stop watching it.

-I swear I almost pass out after watching Dionysus

-My favorite song from the album is Dionysus....

-Dionysus is a really great song that it sends me chills down to my spine

-Dionysus is driving me insane

-Now I know why BTS is really famous...

-Make It Right is a really nice song... Jimin's voice is totally my type

-I think I have been watching Dionysus for 30 minutes straight. Can someone please tell me how to stop...

-Jimin has a really great voice, not to mention that he's also a great dancer... He looks the most outstanding in my eyes.

-Whoa, Jimin's voice sounds really amazing

-Jimin is driving me insane...