Friday, April 19, 2019

The latest girl group's song that ranked #1 in Melon Chart

멜론 차트에서 마지막으로 1위한 걸그룹 노래 | 인스티즈

멜론 차트에서 마지막으로 1위한 걸그룹 노래 | 인스티즈

Twice's Yes or Yes

멜론 차트에서 마지막으로 1위한 걸그룹 노래 | 인스티즈

멜론 차트에서 마지막으로 1위한 걸그룹 노래 | 인스티즈
Yes or Yes was released November last year
For the past 5 months, there are no other girl groups who rank #1 in Melon Chart after Twice

Not even in the daily, weekly, or realtime chart.

If Twice ranks #1 again with their upcoming song on April 22nd
It means that a girl group finally ranks #1 again after 6 months

-Didn't Blackpink rank #1 in the realtime chart?
 ㄴKill This Love's highest rank (in Melon) is #2!

-I guess the OP is not considering Taeyeon as a girl group since she's a solo singer...?

-What about the Dalla Dalla girls?
 ㄴYeah... Didn't ITZY rank #1 for quite a long time? 
 ㄴNope, their highest rank was #3!
 ㄴDidn't they rank #1 in Melon...?
 ㄴNo, they didn't. Woody ranked #1, then Hwasa released Twit and ranked #1. ITZY ranked #2 ~#3

-What about Bolballgan4? Didn't they rank #1? Even though they have a different genre in terms of music, they're still considered as a girl group...!

-That's wrong, though... Taeyeon ranked #1 in Melon chart.
 ㄴThe OP is leaving Taeyeon out because she's a solo singer!

-Didn't Hwasa rank #1 with Twit?
 ㄴThe OP is leaving Twit out because it was her solo promotion, not Mamamoo's!

-What about Gogobebe...? 

-Twice's members are really beautiful...

-I think I saw ITZY ranked #1 in Melon Chart...?
ㄴHere you can see that ITZY's highest rank was #3...