Friday, April 19, 2019

Produce X 101 trainee who's in talk because his thumbnail was the only one that's edited here

'Isn't it cruel to only edit the thumbnail of one trainee?? National producers are just fools to you?'
'I wonder why they only edited his thumbnail'
'They even edited his thumbnail'
'Why did they only edit Kim Yohan's thumbnail?'
'What's up with the edit... Isn't that just too cruel?ㅠㅠㅠ'
'Is he the PD-Pick...? It's too obvious...'
'If you're going to favor a trainee, you shouldn't be that obvious. Just look at how they only edit that trainee's thumbnail and not the others'
'Please edit our Mahiro's thumbnail too'
'Yohan's thumbnail looks really bright'
'The color scheme of his thumbnail looks different. Are national producers fool to you?'

The best comments talk about the editings in the thumbnail
Well, people talk even about the smallest things in the show. It's a very sensitive topic.

-Oh, seriously though... Why?

-I can totally understand why people talk about this. Why did they do that?

-Of course, people would talk about it. If they're going to edit the thumbnails, do it for the other trainees too. What's wrong with them?

-His thumbnail really does look different from the othersㅋㅋㅋ

-I bet he's the PD-Pick for this season...

-They should treat all the trainees fairly;; Why are they favoring him more?

-Who is that? Ahn Joonyoung's pick?

-Hul... I can totally see the edit. It even looks pink-ish...

-Didn't they also do the same thing in the previous season?

-Maybe they film his video on a different day...?

-They did the same thing in the second season...

-Oh, the show hasn't even aired yet and it's already interesting