Friday, April 19, 2019

NCT always gets racial discrimination whenever they visit America

Jisung experiencing racial discrimination on his visit to LA last year

The cafe was empty but they didn't take his order
He ordered Ice Choco with clear pronunciation, and yet they gave him a Hot Choco instead

The MC told Mark, who's Canadian, that his English is awesome

A man stuck up a middle finger
It becomes a hot topic among I-Fans

Everyone on the street kept asking if they were BTS, so Mark answered 'Sorry, we are not BTS'
I have nothing against BTS. It's just that American always assume Asian (groups) as BTS.


-Mark said that he's from Vancouver and yet she still said, 'Your English is awesome'ㅋㅋㅋㅋ What the f*ck?

-Oh Gosh, this is so freaking annoying...

-It's because they're ignorant.

-Look at how that man stuck up his middle finger out of the blueㅋㅋㅋ What if the boys saw him? I f*cking hate him

-I seriously want to break off that man's finger...

-I somehow feel like NCT is the only one who gets racial discrimination there...

-What's up with the Hot Choco, though. They're joking around with foods and drinks now!! Why are they taking orders if they can't even tell apart Ice and Hot? F*ck off

-The Hot Choco is the most annoying one. It's really childish to joke around with foods and drinks...

-The boys went through a lot... Good luck, NCT 127!

-That video of Mark reminds me of Tom Hollandㅋㅋ He asked Eric Nam where did he learn English from because his English is really good;;

-That woman was like, 'You're from Vancouver? You're Canadian? Your English is awesome' What kind of bullshit is that?