Friday, April 19, 2019

Jung Joonyoung and four others revealed to have sexually assaulted a woman before (+ a little rant)

Interview with A, the victim:

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Plus: If you're going to come at me for mentioning Seungri there. Well, he was mentioned by JTBC and all I did was just to translate the news without leaving any parts out of it. If you're going to complain, go to JTBC, don't vent out your anger on me. It makes you sound stupid.

A little rant:
I don't mind you calling me unprofessional for doing this (I never even claim myself to be journalist or professional tbh that's the most hilarious thing I have ever heard today) but, Seungri-logists still out there attacking me. And I am not going to keep quiet, I have every rights to defend myself.

All this time, I tried my best to never speak my opinion regarding Seungri on my account. But this time, I've had fucking enough. Just like what I said on my tweets earlier today, I know this is hard to process. No one wants to wake up one day and find their favorite idol getting swept up in a huge crime or scandal. But that doesn't give you any rights to go off on translators who just want to keep you updated with the case.

If you don't like my translations, I have no problem with that. Unfollow me, or block me even ffs I do not give any flying fucks about that. If you think I'm spreading false information, you can go ahead and create your own translation blog or account. I talked to some of them but all I can conclude is that they don't worth my time. You shouldn't too, all they do is just wasting your energy and time.

Have a nice day