Wednesday, July 12, 2017

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???: What will YG do once Bigbang's members enlist to the military?

??? : 뭐? 빅뱅 군대가면 YG 어떡하냐고? | 인스티즈
??? : 뭐? 빅뱅 군대가면 YG 어떡하냐고? | 인스티즈
??? : 뭐? 빅뱅 군대가면 YG 어떡하냐고? | 인스티즈

The amazing line up of actors, actresses, models, etc..

??? : 뭐? 빅뱅 군대가면 YG 어떡하냐고? | 인스티즈

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-Whoa.. I had no idea that all of these people are under YG..

-Kim Saeron is also in YG?? Whoa..

-But Bigbang has earned YG a lot of money through their tours, so they still play a big role in YG's income..

-I think GD's enlistment to the military will impact YG's income..

-The one who helped YG to built his building was Bigbang..

-Ah.. I think the OP is one of the people who thinks that Bigbang is in hiatus or something because they're rarely seen in Korea..

-Yoo Byungjae looks quite handsome in that picture..

-Even though YG has a lot of amazing celebrities like them, Bigbang's enlistment will still impact their income no matter what.. More than half of their income comes from Bigbang..

-Lee Jinyi is Hwang Shinhye's daughter, right? I didn't know she's under YG..

-Whoa.. All of these amazing celebrities are under YG..??

-Is this Hyunsuk?? Hyunsuk, did you write this post..?

-Oh.. YG has more actors and actresses than I thought..

-I'm not saying that they don't bring money to YG, it's just that Bigbang earns sooooo much money for YG..