Thursday, July 13, 2017

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Tzuyu getting rid of her straight eyebrows


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-So pretty..

-No.. Give her back her straight eyebrows..

-She looks like a princess.. So beautiful..

-I think she looks better with straight eyebrows..

-I don't like straight eyebrows, but honestly speaking, Tzuyu looks better with straight eyebrows..

-She looks pretty no matter what.. Anyway that's a really unique shorts..

-I think she's just not wearing any make up, though..?

-Those eyebrows look so much better on her..

-I don't like straight eyebrows.. Those eyebrows look so much better..

-She looks like an actress..

-She only gets rid of it whenever she goes to Japan..ㅋㅋ

-She looks beautiful no matter what kind of eyebrows she has..

-She looks beautiful, but definitely not her best eyebrows..

-She suits straight eyebrows better.. She looks so much mature with those eyebrows.. Reminds me of Chinese actress..

-Those eyebrows make her look old-fashioned..

-She looks beautiful with those eyebrows, but her straight eyebrows look so much better..

-She looks really gorgeous, though..?