Thursday, July 13, 2017

Did you start liking a group because your bias in it or did you start liking your bias because they're in that group?

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I'm not talking about akgae fans..

So is it (1) Group >> Bias or (2) Bias >> Group for you?

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-#2.. But I like the other members as well..

-#2.. I wouldn't even be interested in that group if it wasn't for my bias..

-#2.. I don't really like his group, though..

-#2.. I wouldn't like the group if my bias wasn't in it..

-#2.. Because I started to like the whole group because of my bias.

-#1.. I stan the overall group, I don't exactly have bias..

-More than #2.. I actually only like my bias, I'm not that interested in his group..

-#2.. I wouldn't even care about his group if he wasn't in it.. I simply started to stan the group because of him..

-#2.. I only see the other members as my bias' friends..

-#2.. But doesn't mean that I don't like the other members! It's just that I like my bias slightly more than the other members..

-#2.. I love the other members as well, but not as much as I love my bias..

-#2.. I would've still liked the group even if my bias wasn't in it, but not as a fan..

-It used to be #1, but now it's #2..

-#1.. I started liking a specific member because I've always liked the group in the first place..

-#2.. I only care about the group because my bias is in it..

-#1.. Because I started falling for the whole group because of their songs..

-#2.. I'm neutral with the group, I don't love it but I don't hate it either.. The only thing that matters to me is my bias..

-I have two biases out of 11 members in that group.. So..?