Thursday, July 13, 2017

The cafe that will give discounts to students who are barefaced, and wearing long pants and skirts.

As people wear shorter skirts and pants in order to catch up with the trends these days, their thoughts and words become shorter as well. In order to recover the female students from all these trends, we're holding a 'Hoping You Will Wear Something Longer' event.

The event will be held for two months (July-August)
We're giving 30% discount on every beverages to Elementary, Middle, and High School female students who wear proper clothes. 
Standards: Skirts must be at least 5 cm above your knees. Pants must be at least 10cm above your knees.

치마,바지 길게 입고 쌩얼로 오면 할인해주는카페 | 인스티즈
We're holding an event in order to protect these female students' skin health. There are some parents who can't even recognize their own daughters without make up, the amount of make up they wear are bulletproof and really frustrating to see. 

(For Elementary, Middle, High School and College students)
We will be giving 20% discount on every beverage to those who come with bare face for 6 months in a row.

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-I seriously want to slap all these people..

-?? And these only apply to female students..??

-I feel like puking..

-What the heck are those..

-It's so ridiculous how all of these only apply to female students.. We don't wear something short for you to see, why is that our problem?

-Yup.. I will never go to those cafes..

-The weather is hot and they're telling us to wear long skirts and pants?ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

-So disgusting..

-This is so absurd..

-This is so annoying..

-Just stop minding our business..

-The type of people who would blame the victim when they get sexual harassed..

-I won't go to your cafes even if you give out free beverages with those conditions..

-So what if we wear short skirts and pants..??  Why do you care so much??

-I think they have a good intention behind all these events, though..

-They might as well tell us to wear hijabs at this rate..

-It's okay.. Your discounts don't matter at all to me..ㅋㅋㅋ

-We're wearing short skirts and pants because the weather these days is really hot..