Thursday, July 13, 2017

To have a clear, flawless skin vs to have the type of body that doesn't easily gain weight

1. Flawless skin
Your skin is porcelain-like and flawless, your pores can't even be seen with bare eyes

2. Type of body that doesn't easily gain weight
Stays at your desired weight forever+ have a decent amount of muscle weight

credits when reposting

-#1.. Because #2 can be achieved with hard work..

-#1.. Because people who have nice skin tend to look so much younger than their actual age..

-#1.. Having a nice skin is literally the best thing in the world..

-#2.. Because I can't eat freely for the time being and it's really frustrating..

-#1.. Because having large pores is really annoying..

-#1.. Because you can have a nice body through hard work and effort, while to have a nice skin you need more money than effort..

-#1 without no doubt.. I can just lose weight if I want..

-#1.. Because to have a nice skin, you have to be born with it.

-#1.. You can lose weight by going on diet.. But your skin will never change even if you use expensive beauty products..

-#2.. Having a bad skin is not stressful at all.. What stresses me the most is all of these fat I have..

-#1.. You can fix your skin with money..

-#2.. F*ck, I hate diet so much..

-#1.. My skin is my biggest source of stress..

-#2.. Because I already have a nice skin..ㅠㅠ

-#1.. There's literally no solution for bad skin..

-#1.. So what if you're slim but ugly.. It means nothing..

-#2.. Losing weight is way more difficult than having a nice skin..

-#2.. I'm already satisfied with my own skin