Monday, August 7, 2017

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Black Pink's Jennie is a real fraud..

Black Pink's Jennie was 15 years old when she started training in YG. 
She was the first trainee that YG revealed through video before her debut, this proves how talented and skillful she is. 
She features in GDragon's song, which is well-known as a big superstar. She even appeared in Inkigayo to perform the song with GDragon. 

On top of that, Jennie is fluent in English since she studied abroad in New Zealand before.
Her singing skills are as great as the main vocals. So are her rap skills. 
I personally think she has the best body among Black Pink's members.
Not to mention her visual.. She looks very classy and lovely. Which makes her gain the nickname 'Human Gucci'
And as you can see in Weekly Idol and Knowing Brother, she has an overflowing cuteness..
The gifs of her doing the arrow heart are just addicting.
Everyone, please stan Jennie..ㅠㅠ There's no exit once you're already in love with her


1. [+140][-104] What do you mean by she looks 'classy'..? Then are there people out there who looks 'cheap'..? 

2. [+102][-33] She seriously looks like the Queen Bee character you would usually see in American dramas..
3. [+92][-94]  Jennie somehow looks very elegant.. Now I understand why people call her as 'The Human Gucci'.. But honestly, I kind of prefer natural beauty like Kim Sarang and Son Naeun..ㅠㅠ  Jennie somehow looks like a perfume with strong fragrance, while Son Naeun is more like a delicate fragrance..? I'm not hating on her, anyway.. I like both of them and I find them really beautiful..

4. [+65][-24] What about her rumors.. I can't trust people who has been involved in rumors or scandals before, even if it's just for once..

5. [+40][-25] She just looks like a Southeast Asian..